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Got a MacBook recently, and besides some wrinkles that have since been ironed out with firmware updates, I'm pleased with it, overall. My only gripe is the sound output. Can anyone suggest a pair of small, inexpensive laptop speakers that can handle a full range of bass/treble elements? I don't need anything fancy, just a set that won't crumble the bass of orchestra pieces.

Brands, specific models, or anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
whats your budget? (inexpensive but that means different to diff people)
<40? 40-60? 60-80?

and is it just standard stereo 2.0 channel speakers? or 2.1? (with subwoofer)
Er... how about, 20-30? I know I've seen some short setups that folks bring along with their iPods that couldn't be much above $20 USD... I just need something that won't distort the music so badly, no subwoofers or anything.

Thanks for helping me out. ^^;
If your talking about "Budget Friendly" Speakers, Go to Radio Shack or your local Computer Store and get those Laptop Starter Kits. The Radio Shack (AKA La Source CC - They Renamed it because the company who rented the name's license expired) near my place sells Laptop Starter kits for $19.95, It comes with a cheap mouse but yet compact and small, Compact Audio Speakers and so on. I think the brand is NexxTech or something.
Oh, damn, I forgot all about Radio Shack. Good idea... could always use a spare mouse, too. But are they just going to be external versions of the crappy speakers I already have, do you suppose, or will they beat the MacBook scratch...? I'mma go play around at BestBuy today and see what I can't find on sale.

Thanks, all, for the advice!
I doubt that they would beat your laptop speakers. The problem with any laptop speaker set or a cheapie speaker setup is that they do not include a subwoofer. What you really need is a set of powered 2.1 speakers at least, with a subwoofer in order to get that bass range. If you look around, you can find a set of 2.1 Altec Lansings or similar for ~$35, and they will sound a whole lot better then the cheapie set. Perhaps save for a week or so and then spring for the 2.1 setup. I guarantee you that you'd notice a huge difference.

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