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Rare breeds?

Has your pet become a "rare" breed since you got it?
Yes, nobody recognizes it or has heard of it.
 33%  [ 2 ]
No, my pet is a generally recognized breed in my area.
 50%  [ 3 ]
No, my pet has actually become more common around my area.
 16%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 6

My dog is a Lhasa Apso, a name that means "hairy, barking dog of Lhasa" according to a dog encyclopedia at the library. Have you heard of this breed before?

Eleven years ago, the Lhasa breed was fairly common in pet stores and in the pets section of the local newspaper, but for the past three years or so, very few people we meet on the street seem to have ever even heard about them. It's lead me to wonder about the general composition of the pet dog population in the world.

Do you have a pet of a breed that used to seem common, but now is hardly seen at all?
My current breed- Irish setter - is most oftenly recognised though not many people know the name of the breed itself xD It's thanks to ads where setters are commonly used. Anyway, there are not so many setters in our city, and I rarely meet them in the streets.

Before, I had a dalmatian, and by that time they were a very rare breed, unlike nowadays. I was asked "what breed is it" like every 5 minutes when I went for a walk into the city xD
Now dalmatians are famous and popular though.
You reminded me of my best friend's old dog, Chloe... half Dalmatian, half Basset Hound. She had a big dog body, but the short little basset legs; funniest thing ever.

I love your gallery! You really have some developed skills... please keep updating!
My dog is a Golden Retriever, about as common as you can get. Smile I work at a boarding kennel and have had a chance to meet some "rarer" breeds. There's a Neopolitan Mastiff that comes in regularly. He is quite a sight! But for some reason, he hates me. I have no idea what I did to upset him...I've seen a couple of Affenpinschers. They are quite cute. I've also seen a really pretty Afghan Hound. They are pretty, but expect to spend all your free time combing Confused
My dog is a Lowchen, or "Little Lion Dog" - the friendliest little terrier that I've ever known! I don't know of anyone else with one, but on the other thand I don't think they are any more or less rare than they've always been. I'd love to know if the firendly nature really is typical, if anyone else has or knows one.
Well, these aren't my dogs (I don't have any right now), but when I lived in Florida, I knew someone who bred Beaucerons. Down here, a friend of a friend has a couple of Fila Brasileiros. Those are two breeds that are about as rare and obscure as you can get.

Edit: Here's one I almost forgot: someone I knew about 22 years ago was breeding Timber Shepherds (part Timber Wolf, part German Shepherd):

Some people would say "rare breed," others would say, "just a hybrid," but still great dogs, and the ones they raised had a much better temperament than one would guess.
I used to have a Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Mine didn't look much like that one. Actually, all catahoulas seem very different from one another, except for the white spot on the tip of the tail. They're a mix between a mastiff, a grayhound, and a wolf.

She's the one laying down. I'm sure we can all figure out the breed of the other one.
O.o Those are some awesome dogs... I love the Catahoula, it looks like an African wild dog from the Okavango territory. How's their temperment? And how did you ever find one, hlavco? ^^
My rotten little dog is of a breed that is known around where I live as a cur. It's certainly not a recognized breed in any official way, but any cracker will be able to tell you what a cur dog looks like. They're great for hog hunting and cattle work, and are nearly always kept as work dogs. That just goes to show you, some breeds are localized nobody anywhere else can figure out what my dog is. In Florida, anybody who sees her thinks she's a cur. When we took her to N. Carolina, everybody thought she was a boxer ('cause of her unusual colouring) or a pit bull.
quex wrote:
O.o Those are some awesome dogs... I love the Catahoula, it looks like an African wild dog from the Okavango territory. How's their temperment? And how did you ever find one, hlavco? ^^

We found her at the humane society, in a group of catahoula puppies. I think they're more common in the Louisiana area, not New York... after the hurricane, I actually saw a few pictures of catahoulas that were rescued in the local paper.

As far as temperament goes, they're supposed to be great hunting dogs, excellent, loyal gard dogs, and unfriendly to children. Mine was none of the above. She wouldn't hurt a fly (though she ate bees), and she was afraid of thunderstorms. She'd bark at trucks from inside of the house, and shut up immediately when we let her out. Though supposedly a swimming breed, she didn't like water. She'd only go in deep enough that she didn't have to bend down to drink it. Then again, she did have some, er, traumatic puppy experiences around the water, including one time when she jump off the front of our boat while we were still going and was promptly run over. No injuries, luckily. Wink She wasn't very playful after the teething stage, but she did like to run around, or sit at the edge of the property barking at the cats across the street. She was a pretty goofy dog all around.

Sadly, we had to put both of the dogs to sleep in March (the shepherd was only a year and a half old, the catahoula would've been ten just a few days ago) for unrelated reasons. Now we have a White German Shepherd puppy, who is also on the rare breeds list, actually:
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