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Check out my awesome new site! You will like it, trust me!

Is my site totally awesome?
It could use some work, but it is cool!
 28%  [ 2 ]
It is toatally awesome!
 0%  [ 0 ]
Finish it and then I will answer!
 42%  [ 3 ]
Worst site I ever did see! I gouged my eyes out!
 14%  [ 1 ]
Not bad!
 14%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 7

Check out my new website: Arrow It is the Polly Gone Variety Site and it is awesome. It is not quite finished but it will be soon! Check it out, tell me what you think.
It has a image "best viewed with Internet Explorer", and I didn't like it... Try to open your mind: instead of using tables, try to use HTML + CSS. I can't say anything about the site's content because there are nothing on it.
Did you try to press the enter button? There is stuff there! Did you try to go to different sections?
The first page looks kinda unprofessional/unfinished and gives a bad first impression. I like the rest of the site though. Whats with the big black dot? Wink
{name here}
It's a lower quality to say the least in visual content. Your code is not HTML 4.01 compliant. Also your CSS was not found by the CSS validator, and when I inputted it directly it had errors. I suggest using <link href="stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> rather than what you're currently using for compatibility with all browsers. Remove the splash page. They were useful to designers in the 90s but they're a nuiscance now.
Try to use DIVs with CSS and tables for the menus rather than a full table based design so you can better position content and ensure a uniform look on all browsers.
Don't just test your site in Internet Explorer 6. Use next generation browsers like IE 7, Opera 9, and Firefox 2 to test the look of your site as well as HTML standards to ensure at least everyone on a PC can view the page right. Maybe ask a maccie to test it on Safari too if you want to take it a step further.
Hi there,

Seems some of the links not build up yet, maybe you should just
disable it or don't put link on it.

Why not let the visitor enter the main area on your first page? Wink
Try to improve your splash screen (the enter button). Then your design is not finished (also try to find a background color/image) so it's not really professional.

And what is the big black dot besides your text ?? Do something more integrated to your design.
Firstly I agree with Ikthar in removing the best viewed in internet explorer not only as im not a fan of IE (ues firefox Wink) but it looks ugly.

Next I would recomend on removing the big black dot i dont really get what that is for but if you do insist on keeping it at least render it properly as its pixelated at the moment.

Finally why do you have the navigation bar twice (at the top and on the left) you only need it once Confused

But over all I dont think that it is too bad.

Hope this Helps
Just so you guys know... the big black dot is not put there on purpose, it only shows up in firefox, and considering he warned us that it's best viewed in IE i guess you can't blame him. However to the author, you should really fix that because I bet the majority of users on this forum use firefox. Just a word of warning
og nos

This page is best viewed with 1152 x 864 pixels.
If you are having trouble viewing it, change your screen resolution.

standard 1024 x 768 if rez is important please

This page is best viewed with: Internet Explorer

uhg FIRE FOX *** lol

5 of the 9 action games worked

Arcade Games
Adventure Games
Sports Games
Strategy Games

online tv
video game
contact us links did not and was also pretty bland
Thanks for the help guys! Now I can inmprove my site.
You should definetly get rid of that spash page and if you are going to use a splash page put a bit more effect and hard work into it. This is going to be the page that will make or break your website so if I were you I would get rid of it or else realy realy liven it up. Just realy work on your homepage and get a template free or paid for your site. Their is a nice little up and coming site which one of the members here has at frihost called SoloThemes and you can get some good free templates from their.

Whats with the big black dot in the middle of your homepage? It makes it look realy unprofessional. Get photo shop and create an eye catching image and put it their or something or get rid of it, it looks horrible.

Liven up the backround of your homepage, its very dull in plane white.
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