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The Adventures of Depressed Toast

Well ive decided to take a break from game creation *not really i have a mmorpg and a game called Janitors strike in progress* but atm ive been drawing and ive decided to make a comic book

here are 2 drawings of the main characters

Depressed toast

And Carl the Retarded Piece Of Bacon

its not supposed to look great lol... but i thought itd be a funny concept

Comments really wanted lol
Laughing How much time do you have on your hands?

Just kidding... I don't think the plotlines would be very flexible, unless of course you just threw in tons of stuff that didn't make sense (it worked for other people I suppose).
Egh i was shooting for different plot for every story if someoe dies they come back in next comic lol
Ahhh always good to do it that way (South Park...) you might have a chance there if you can make it funny in a non-cheesy way.
Well we'll see ill upload an actuall comic strip later today...i hvent slept in 27 hours
Laughing You should get some sleep man. I remember being that tired, but mind you I was in Athens and was ill... probably felt a lot worse.
Upload those strips soon, please. It looks mantastic.
I am aware that such comments are generally discarded as pointless and spam, but I have to say my first reaction was something along the lines of 'WTF LOL!'. The pictures are just to completely random that they are amusing, and if you managed to create a comic from them, then yes, they would be a funny concept to base it on.

Sidenote: Ah, sleep deprevation. The only state in which the most crazy and insane ideas awaken from. Razz
I like the toast better than the bacon, but they're both... interesting? I vote yes.
Well, the name was interesting enough to get me to look at this thread... Surprised
Well, it really looks promising for me, keep it up. Just let us know when the strips are posted soon. Wink
That looks very... Interesting Razz
It reminds me of the 'Powdered Toast Man' from Ren and Stimpy Razz

Seriously though, I'd like to see your comic once it's completed Smile
I want to read more.
Why is the toast depressed? Is it buttered toast... Probably not, I bet it's dry. It's dry toast isn't it. I can tell. Depressed dry toast...
Retarded bacon... did it come from a retarded pig? Is it double smoked?
Come on man, the suspense is killing me! Crying or Very sad
Well your going to have to wait
its on the lowest part of my to do list Sad but in due time it will be out in actuall comic series online ... may even be made into flash

heres my to do list before this comic

1.finish my design for my site

2. finish my MMORPG project or get it close enough to release it to public...

3. finish my game Janitors Strike * i will post screenshots of it here if you guys so wish * im pretty proud of that game Very Happy

4. get my xbox 360

5. finish comic book

so its kinda down there now Sad but in due time it will be out ill keep all of you posted on any of the above if you guys so wish it
new pic

I love the toast and bacon. I just thought the coconut was kind of stereotyped in a way with him smoking and such. You should also post your plot considering toast and bacon came out nice. Add some colors too.

:: greyhood
Moved to funny pictures, poll removed.
This is really something. This looks like the work of someone I know. There was this dude in my class who drew a "Mr. Tolit Paper." Looks almost like what he drew. We use to call him Lord Alex. Very Happy
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