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Best video editing program?

I would like to know which you think is the best video editing program.
First of all I have worked with standard Windows Movie Maker, but soon I wanted to do things more complicated. So, now, I'm working with Pinnacle Studio 10. It has good features and relatively easy to handle, but it sometimes simply closes down. Furthermore, the Studio 10.0 s horrible and one has to download a bunch of patches.
So doe anybody have a good program with good features and easy to handle?
You should just buy a mac and use imovie HD or final cut express. That is what they are made for. Pinical studio is ok if you have to use it but it freezes up alot. My father in-law uses it and cusses it every time. I tell him he should have dought a "MAC". As for windows movie maker it just does not have the features to make a decent movie. It is ok for just transfering from hdd to dvd. Here is a link to a site comparing video editing software.
Try Video Edit Magic.

I used it and found it great for all video editing. As with all this stuff, you will need a fast PC with plenty of disk space (preferably a second HD) and lots of rem.
Thanks for the information ...!
i also use Pinnacle Studio. but not version 10. i use version 9.4. when i try to use version 10, it cannot display the video in timeline. maybe my video RAM too low. it require 256M if i'm not mistaken.

i like pinnacle studio because it can detect scene in video and split it for me, so easier to cut.

also, easy to transfer video from/to my DV cam with pinnacle studio.
There is a similar topic located here: which you might want to check out which compares 3 of the most popular Windows video editing software.

Now, I'm not sure if you have a Mac or not, so I'll keep this thread open unless some other moderator thinks it should be locked.
i only see people talk about windows movie maker, pinnacle studio and video edit magic here. and nobody talk about vegas, premiere or ulead here.

kind of harsh to force other to use only vegas, premiere or ulead don't u think?
I was in exactly your situation so here's my advise. Obviously Movie Maker isn't a particually bad program considering it's free but if you want to do something more complicated then you either go straight to the top or choose something in the middle (usually this range of software - "middle range" - I wouldn't advise at all but it all depends on budget of course). You could use Ulead VideoStudio that isn't too bad (new versions) and would not cost you too much. If you have a mac as well then definatly go for Final Cut Pro, I consider it to be the best video editing software around. However this could become pricey if you do not own a decent mac, the best software for Windows in my opinion would be Adobe Premier Pro 2.0, I've been using it for several months now and I'd recommend it. I do abstract films that are usually very memory intensive and even with a single core processor I do not have very many problems at all, very reliable peice of kit and massively flexible.

Anyway, hope that helps.
- Josso
If your just into easy-but-good stuff, then I recomend using Apple's iMovie. If your going to do a huge proffesional movie than Final Cut Express/Pro is the way to go. Of course you'll need a Mac for these, recomended.

the best software for video editing is Pinnacle Studio ..
Best one would be Final Cut Pro.
I would have to say Ulead VideoStudio if you're making a movie entirely from scratch, but it really depends what type of video editing you're doing.

For example, if you're simply re-authoring a video clip, I'd use TMPGEnc Xpress. For assembling and then making a DVD, I normally use DVDLabs.

So, I think that it 100% depends on what exactly you're doing, as I've found that different applications offer more for each different task.
for me its vegas 6 highly recommended for begginers
I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements...

edited some videos for some school assignments
I'm a Premiere Pro editor and quite like it. I'm a pro, but Premiere is intuitive and easy to learn for most. Some people, especially audio guys, like Vegas, it has a different approach, and though it's not my style, it my fit yours to a tea. If your doing basic editing, the less expensive programs will probably work fine but if your looking to bring your editing skills up, then try one of these. They all have 30 day download tryouts.
I think Sony Vegas Video is the one of the best!
i did tried a lots but i liked Pinnacle studio
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