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Linux or Windows XP?

Any feedback would help.

I run off of Windows XP at my home computer and I want to switch over to Linux, but I'm not sure if it's worth the hop.

What do you guys think? Smile
XP is goooood and I will recommend you to use windows XP.
If you not sure about your choice, at first time i think you can using dual boot mode in your PC.

Install Windows XP and Linux in your PC. It'll give you time to learn about Linux and you can still using Windows.

For Linux distro you can look at, yu can read about distro and select what do you want.

I recommended you to using Linux Ubuntu, Fedora Core or Open SuSe.

If you still not sure about Linux, you can try at virtual machine like VMWare, install VMWare at your Windows, and install Linux at VMWare, try it.

What will you use the computer for and what is your demand. When you know that I can tell you wha tI think is best for you.

To play gamesin Linux is still very hard. Some games you need to master a lot ofLinux to just make it run.
Some banks demands Internet Explorer and that is hard to run in Linux.

Linux is free and cost less, but it demands a bit more of you to handle it.

If you only need to browse the web (Firefox) and write document etc (Open Office) you could install Linux.

But like the post above says.. dual boot is probably the best. Install Linux on a partion AFTER installing Windows (since Linux recognize Windows in their boot loader, Windows will not recognize Linux and overwrite MBR)
I havent tried mac so i recommend xp since 90% all over the world use it.... correct me if im wrong
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