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Indonesian Tsunami

More than two hundred people have died in the Indonesian tsunami. Emergency services have announced the new death toll a day after the wave smashed into the island of Java. The search for missing people is still on, while some survivors have come back to see what they can salvage from their homes.

The tsunami was caused by an earthquake under the sea measuring more than seven on the Richter scale. The worst-hit area was Pangandaran, a popular tourist spot with many small hotels on the beach. The event triggered panic in a region ravaged by the killer wave of December 2004 in which around 230,000 people died.

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I am from the Maldives and so can sympathise with them. The tsunami of 2004 hit Maldives badly. The waves came upto my house. It was very devastating.

My prayers arw with the people of Java.
Estimates are now around 341 dead, with still some missing. A tragedy, for sure. My condolences (regardless of how impacting they are) out to the island of Java.
I remember taking high school geography years ago and learning about this thing called a Tsunami. It seemed like something theoretical, that probably wouldn't happen in my lifetime, you know like a space probe getting sucked by a super-massive black-hole. now for it to happen twice in as many years is out of this world! It's really crazy. My sympathies go out to all the victims!! Its really sad.
I really sympathize with Indonesian people. With their country gone through so many disasters this past months and years i condole with them. I hope people will still bother to help them for another time. if my frihost score can only be converted to a million of cash i will definitely donate it. hehe.
You don't need to donate a million dollars to be helpful. If each Firhoster in the forum donated $10, how much will that come up to?

In a disaster affected area, I am sure every little help is a lot. How about the Frihost Bondings or Admins organise such a fund.

But thought has to be given that not all people have Credit Cards. So modes of payment have to be arranged for the these people. Such as for me, I have an ICICI Bank, India account and I can make online transfers to some banks. That's the only way. And I have made donation to the ICICI Bank charity funds. I will gladly donate a little if Frihost does arrange for it. And so will many others here I am sure.
Lord Klorel
i wish to send my condolence to every member of the family's of the beloved people who died in the tsunami.

That this nature force returns so soon is not normal. The security systems in the entire sector are not good enough.

When such quakes are been detected is it better to alarm to soon, then to late. In this matter it happened again from what i understood from the news facts.

Once again is our own planet the most feared enemy.
Yap, Indonesia... Disaster and disaster, maybe you just read about the Tsunami, But did you remember When the Tsunami hit Aceh [Most west part of Indonesia, more than 100.000 die [If I'm not mistaken]]

2 month/3 months ago The southern part of Indonesia called Yogyakarta get Earthquake which destroyed almost 50% of this city, just a weeks after that. there is some accident which makes a city in east java got flood, not water flood, but land flood [I can't spell it in english, but it's happened because some leak of chemical which makes the ground there "melting" and turn to be a form of fluid, And it's hot too]

at the same time, A Big Flood happened in Kalimantan[or maybe Sulawesi].

And now, the Tsunami which you mention above, I think that's enough for Indonesia..

It's so terrible there.

oh yes, if you said $10, it can be used to eat for 5 days/family in Indonesia

If it's converted, it will be about Rp 90.000,00 [Avereage Minimum payment of indonesian people/month is Rp 700.000,00 (About US$80)]

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