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Any Classical musicians?

Any music nerds out there?

I'm going for my master's in piano pedagogy.... I'm working on my graduate recital in piano.

Ravel- 'Miroirs'
Bach- Toccata in e minor
Beethoven- Op. 109
Scarlatti- Sonata K.87
Hello there!

Yup, I guess I'm a music nerd. Going into my final year studying for a BA in music at the University of Bristol, conducted the University String Orchestra last year and the Chamber Orchestra next year.

Have just done some rehearsals with the European Medical Students' Orchestra and am going on a conducting course (again) this summer!

Surely that counts as being a geek?!

Tell me more about your music/piano-playing/what you like/what you want to do, etc.

I like classical music occasionaly, but I prefer it when it has been re-written and played with modern instruments. One of my favourites is Yngwie Malmsteen's bass guitar version of "Flight of a Bumble Bee". I beleive it's called "Sting of a Bumble Bee" or something. Once I rewrote Tchakovski's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" to make a metal version of it. Turned out cool, but I never recorded it or finished it completely.
Classical and neo classical guitarist here, pianist too.
I'm a professional violinist and teacher. This music forum isn't exactly my cup of tea, since 90% of all popular music today seriously sucks. I love my classic rock and my guilty pleasures of 80s music, but my true love is classical. It's a little hard to discuss in the same forum as Godsmack and gangster rap... Wink
If anyone is still paying attention...classical guitarist here.

My favorite music is usually Bach and before (Rennaisance Music such as Dowland and DesPrez) and early late 19th-early 20th century music-(Ravel, Stravinsky, Debussy, Satie, etc.). On the other hand, Beethoven can definately rock. I know its overplayed, but the 5th is one ultimate piece of music. That much great music, beautifiul, inspiring and all based on a 4 note pattern.
Hellow dear friend,

I need some of the piece notes in black notes to Yamaha PSR450 can any one help me by sending the Black notes. i can read the black notes

with thanks
Tamil Parks
I was trained in classical piano for a few years when I was younger. Since then, I've just practiced off and on by myself... in college, I took one semester of music theory and loved it, but I wasn't able to squeeze any more music classes into my schedule (graduated with bachelor's degree in mathematics in 2005).

I'm 20 now, finally able to fully accept that I like classical music Razz. I've checked out an audio course from the library which analyzes Beethoven's piano sonatas, and I'm loving it. Incredibly effective in getting me to sit down at the keyboard and practice ^_^.

Any other suggestions? I'm too poor to afford *real* piano lessons anymore, but I definitely want to improve my skills.

Audio course I'm using:[/url]
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