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What's your worst air travel experience?

Mine happened earlier this summer on my way to China from Chicago. Our plane was somewhere north of Alaska when they told us we were being re-routed to Anchorage because the bathrooms were overflowing. We got there and sat for a while before they told us that we'd be spending the night there. Then they told us that they couldn't because the Chinese people on the plane weren't allowed to get off on American soil. They told us we'd be flying to San Francisco to change flight crews because flying to Beijing would put them over regulations for time on duty. Anchorage to Beijing is only a few more hours than Anchorage to San Francisco so that was not fun. Then at San Francisco we sat around for a few hours before finnnallly leaving for Beijing. All-in-all we got to Beijing in around 30 hours when our flight was supposed to be less than 13.

What's your worst flight experience?
Luckily, I had no bad flights in my life.
My last flight was when I was young and it was very exciting for me. I really liked flying when I was young. Smile
S3nd K3ys
Early 80's. Me and g/f (high school) flying with her father, who just got his license. We flew to Catalina. The airport there, Avalon, is on top of a mountain, with cliffs on both ends of the runway. We overshot the runway and skidded off the cliff. We landed in a tree about half way down the cliff. (Total depth was prolly 50-75 feet)

We took the fairy home. I don't fly any more unless I'm intoxicated. Heavily intoxicated. Find me in the bar an hour before my 6:00AM flight. I'm not a good flyer
Flying from Kigala in Rwanda to Bujumbura in Burundi on Air Burundi. The plane was a WWII Dakota that was so tattered and knocked about that we could see through the fuselage. Most of the passengers - myself included - applauded when we landed safely.
Shocked Ok, mines not as dramatic as the ones above. It was just when I was flying to Greece, I was quite ill with a really bad headache and now I see why they sometimes don't let you fly when you are ill. We were just coming down into Athens when we hit some turbulance and my head felt like it was going to implode... so bad and I'm not sure why. I'm usually quite good with pressure differances or whatever but this was the one time, must have been the illness. I know some people are affected really badly but I've been lucky so far.
not much of a bad experience for me but one thing i couldnt forget is when we were about to land and the pressure i think is so great that i thought that my ear is ready to explode and blood flowing through it but fortunately nothing happen xcept the pain on my ears. I wonder what you can do to prevent that when flying?
My worst experience to date was my Trip to Quebec City on a Coach. I'd though it would be a peaceful little trip from Montreal, But it wasnt. The bus ride was alright other than the fact that the toilets turned out to be storing the waste (Yes, My first time on a Coach. Wasnt as half bad as those Coach without Toilets) There was urine on the floor. (Someone didnt aim for the bulleye properly) and to makes matters worst, If I wanted to do a number 2 or take a crap, I'd have to sit on a seat with urine on it. (ugghhhhhh......) I'm going to reconsider ever travelling on Coaches again or Airplanes. Me and those toilets don't go well together.

When I finally got to Quebec, The coach stopped at the Old Quebec or what ever they called it. It smelled like s**t, Maybe because it was the S**t left by the horses and there where horses everywhere. Other than that, The trip was just fine until I step on their...ya, Lets move on.

Afterwards, Like any typical first time tourist, I got lost, had a hard time finding the coach station ect...As it goes on, It started raining, I though it was going to shine. Wasnt my day. But the next went just well.

Nice place, But guess I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
I never had bad flights in my life because I seldom take flight perhaps only once. Confused
Although not horribly, my experience was rather disgusting. I was on the way home from Hawaii (I live in Pennsylvania) after spending three weeks there on a music tour. I was on a 757 or something similar which had about 9 seats across in coach with two aisles. I was seated in the very center seat. After landing at the airport and beginning to taxi towards the terminal, the little kid seated directly behind me decided to throw up. We made it the whole way home from Hawaii (about an 8 hour flight, if I remember correctly) and he had to throw up after we landed. I guess it was a lot better than smelling vomit the whole way home, and luckily it didn't get on any of my stuff, but it was all over the place.
Mine wasn't that bad in afterthought, but at the time time it scared the bejesus out of me. I got the lowest price ticket from Boston to Daytona, Florida...I had a window seat...right over ther farging engine! Everytime the sucker burped I thought I was gonna hurl, and when we *finally* landed they reversed the engines to slow the plan....and I thought hell had come to meet me!

Not as bad as some stories, but I have not been on a plane since.
i have never a really bad situations in flight.
never have any flight before
don't have any business in other cities Rolling Eyes
My wrost Air experience was with AirTran there plane look all old and really looked like they never kept there planes clean, I was sitting in back the last seat to be exact. The plane was so unstable it was really was the wrost plane ride I had.
Never been on a Plane before....dont think i ever want to.
Because of all those films where planes crash, and everyone dies Laughing
Well, mine actually turned out to be nothing.

I was flying home from Europe with my teacher and some other friends. We were coming out of some northern state down to Texas, and I was so exhausted from the 3 planes it took just to get us back to the US, I had fallen asleep. I woke up to feel the plane take a horrible swerve to the left, and I looked out of the window and I could only see street lights up close. I was so terrified that we may be dropping from the air... Right before I could scream my head off the pilot came on the speaker announcing our arrival to DFW and that we would land in 5 minutes.

I never flied and i don't want to do it. Now, in era of terrorism, risk is too high. And actually, it's very expencive for Ukraine.
There was this one time where I flew and the plane felt like it dropped all of a sudden. It may may stomach feel sick and made me nervous for the rest of the trip.
We had just boarded a plane in Costa Rica and were preparing to return to the States when the baggage workers went on strike. The would not allow us to exit the plane so we were forced to stay on the plane while we waited for almost two hours so they could find people to load up the luggage. When we finally landed in Houston, we had only ten minutes to board our connecting flight and our luggage took forever to come out and when it did they wouldn't let us take the first-class ticket line to get to the plane quicker and we missed it!! But the good news is we got a free stay in Houston at a 5 star hotel. So I guess we can call it even now!
I had gone home for thanksgiving break. I was flying form Maine to Pennsylvania, I also was taking my rifle and a box of shells, because I was also going deer hunting back home. Now rifles and ammo, is fine in your check in luggage but not fine in your carry on obviously, I knew this so I checked it all in. Now when I got home I used my little carryon bag to stick all my hunting stuff in, to go to my hunting camp. Then I get back from hunting camp, load my stuff up and head to the airport. Guess who forgot to take the ammo out of his carry on. So my carryon is going through the x-ray, and I see the TSA guys all huddling around looking at the x-ray, and I am like hum I wonder what there looking at, then they call me over and tell me to open up the bag. I am still unsure whats going on, so then I see my case of bullets and I am like OH SH*T. They arrest me and throw me in jail (just kidding). They confiscate the ammo, an get all my vital statistics, and tell me my case will be look at by Homeland security people, to determine my punishment. So a few months later I get a letter from Homeland Security telling me that they reviewed my case and determined it was accidental, and that its all good.

So thats that.
I never had bad flights in my life.
BTW, I am interested in your trip in China ,beacause I am a Chinese. Cool
i had a flight from heathrow uk to L.A and on our way over the atlantic we hit an electrical storm and the plane dropped 200ft in a few seconds. also you could see the lightning outside of the plane. To fully explain how scary it was imagine 400+ people screaming while the planes lights flicker on and off!!
Well, I have had quite a few, but my worst are:

Losing my baggage on a trip from Denmark to the States, where we got it back 20 minutes before we would have gotten hundreds of dollars in complete compensation (( after TEN DAYS ))

Also, I once tried that the plane was leaking fuel, so we had to leave (( the captain said 'Don't panic, it's under control' whilst three firetrucks and many ambulances came - D'OH )) and wait for ages untill we got the plane fixed.

Heh, well, I hate flying anywho Razz

I think being stucked in Rhodos airport for 14 hours was the worst!

But having a bit of problems with the airpressure in my ears the last couple of flights also have done the trick!
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