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PS emulater????

PS emulater????Is anyone here know something about it????
VGS (connectix or something) and PSXE...
both of them sure are handy to use Smile

but I never see a stable emulator for PS2 engine Smile
yes, Connectix it is indeed.
they are the same company that used to make the famous "Virtual PC", before Micro$oft bought that product from them.

They now sell it as Micro$oft Virtual

But you can count on connectix to have made a good emulator.
i prefer epsxe i think it's better than connectix
If you choose and configurate the plug ins correctly it emulates ps perfectly
ePSxe is the best ps emu.
please search in google, you can find many infomations about it.
I've tried it before, and It seems quite good
But the PS controll was one of the few I like,( I HATE GAME CUBE) so I would rather use the normal PS.
i used before psxe when my ps got out of order lol
it works good and easy to understad and has lot of settings that u can change and features that will make it a better game
it also has the recording game settings to record the game if u want just by the press of a button
1 disadvantage i saw and i dont know if all amulators have that there r certain games that cant be played on amulator like CTR crash bandicot series and some other
a side effect of amulators for those who think to use one is that they tend to slow down ur pc by time
A very good one:

PSXeven 0.19 Wednesday August 10, 2005
post a comment : 4 total

PSXeven is a PlayStation emulator for the PC.

How to use:
1. Unzip this file to any directory.
2. Download and place a PSX BIOS dump in the 'PSXeven\bios' directory.
3. Insert a PlayStation game cd in your optical drive.
4. Click 'Run CD'.
Changes in v0.19:

*modified gpu timing opting for a "slower" update
*fixed spu_freeze crash at exit
*added spu_freeze for window "X" or close button
*fixed vagrant story in-game crash, due to translator memory alignment error.
*increased savestate number to 9 for the savestate crazy people.
*fixed crash-on exit bug caused by libbz2
*added the missing delete/markfree functions for the memcard manager
*fixed YUV to RGB conversion so that it doesn't cause crash on glitches (FF9)
*removed autoset.ini file since it confused some people
*replaced old "dos" box with a custom terminal (since I often get complaints that it's ugly or whatever). This terminal allows you to do some things not present in the GUI including saving custom configurations by using the 'REG' command.

is this actually legal? dont think so...

oh and btw, ive read somewhere that there is no working ps2 emulator..
You can download them on kazaa or emule
PSXeven 0.19 is all right.But what require software and hardware in my pc?
isnt this illegal? isnt this supposed to NOT be here because of that?
I use the ePSXe for ps1 games, it's pretty stable and plays pretty much everything. But, as for ps2, I've been playing around with pcsx2, and it's not stable, but it can play a handful of games, (with low fps), and it's tricky because you either need to pirate the bios or take it off your own ps2(which gets tricky).
Emulators for 3D Based Consoles usually suck, buy the console and play the games on your TV, it's alot better.
Old 2D games works fine to play on a emulator but the 3D ones usually have alot of bugs, graphic errors etc. It's illegal if you download the game and not owning one original.
I think, the best of PS1 emulator is ePSXe;
Last version 1,6 is very stabile.
You can download it here.
But you must find ps1 bios for playing game with ePSXe
I think u wanna ps2 or psp emulator now

I gotta GBA emu
I use PSXONE... its probably the best emulator because it can also play .ISO files..
Two things:

1. I would look at a site specializing in emulators such a and look though all of them until I found the one that looks most developed, then do the same for plugins.

2. Emulators and P2P programs are NOT illegal, they both have legal uses same as franking machines, they have a legal use, if they are abused then that's only the fault of the user of the technology not the technology or its maker.
technically maybe emulators arent illegal, but how many here download an emulator and dont use it to play the games its intended to play? if you download the emulator, you are bound to download games for it, therfor this thread should be locked.
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