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America's Army

Anyone play this game? I really like 3d shooters and for a free game this one is extremely well done. It uses the Unreal Tournament Engine and the graphics on this game are pretty good considering. I really enjoy the honor ranking system and the training system.

The thing that sets this game apart from some of the others is that its not a run and gun 3d shooter. It takes a combination of patience boldness in order to succeed at this game.

If you have played this game, share your thoughts.
Started playing this a week ago actually. We played this in Junior War College to work on our teamwork skills.

Anyway, I am pretty hooked on this game, however I didn't play in the last 2 days. I can't wait til they implement the coop and upgrade their engine. Overall, this game is awesome for all those people who wanna practice tactics and teamwork, as well as leadership. Cool
I played it a while ago, but I stopped.

I hate that you only can play as America. Their weapons suck.
Ya, I like the leadership and teamwork aspects as well. It is a nice mix of many things.

I like being able to pick up enemy weapons, as you get used to hearing the difference in firearms to help determine where allies are. If u pick up an enemy's weapon you can sometimes fool them into thinking you are an ally while moving into their position.
I allready heard alot about this game, but where can I actualy download it? I really want to try it out.
I played it before but stoped Smile
sgwreviews wrote:
I allready heard alot about this game, but where can I actualy download it? I really want to try it out.
i play look for me "ltbennett" online sometime or you can join my clan (link below)
well to be honest when i first started playing this game it had me hook line and sinker. I have been playing this game since 2004 and i have loved it ever since. But since i have joined the navy i find it hard to play often, and with all the patches that are coming out that require better vid cards etc i have lessened my game playing for this game. I still love it thought and i usually find the time to play during the weekend look for me my ingame name is -cIF.avenger- honor is 80 or 81 i forget. Laughing
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