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RC Helicopter Gets 'Weaponized' with AA-12 Shotgun

This would be very useful for keeping the cats out of the garbage.

The AutoCopter robotic mini-helicopter has two flight modes--semi-autonomous and fully autonomous. In semi-autonomous, the operator (RC pilot) is "in control" of the aircraft. We put "in control" in quotes because the real control lies in the AutoCopter's computer, which interperets the operators commands and translates them into flight surface movement via servo motor activation, similar to a modern fighter jet's fly-by-wire system. Basically, the operator tells the AutoCopter what he wants it to do, and the AutoCopter's computer figures out exactly how to make that happen.

For the fully-autonomous flight mode, the AutoCopter utilizes a GPS system, where the operator uploads a flight plan to the AutoCopter via a laptop computer, using GPS waypoints. In this mode, the operator "starts the AutoCopter, engages the Flight Control System, commands the AutoCopter to takeoff and turns all flight operations over to the FCS." The operator can regain manual control of the AutoCopter at any time by going back to the semi-autonomous mode. If the AutoCopter flies out of RC range, it will turn around and come back within range. If it runs out of gas (it's gasoline-powered), a parachute will automatically deploy and guide the AutoCopter back to the ground slowly and safely.

However, as cool as all this is, before the AA-12 shotgun came along and turned it into the "AutoCopter Gunship", the AutoCopter was limited to applications like aerial photography, surveillance, pipeline and utility line inspection, (unarmed) convoy escort, and mine detection--all worthwile applications to be sure, but not exactly anything "transformational" (i.e. paradigm-shifting). However, with the addition of a single AA12, the AutoCopter Gunship's virtual pilot can not only see and photograph the enemy, he can now seek out, locate, identify, and destroy/terminate (i.e. kill) the enemy with extreme prejudice at 300 rounds-per-minute (and potentially tens of thousands of actual projectiles per-minute), and he's got a rather large 12-gauge ammunition suite at his disposal (a vertitable ammo smorgasbord, if you will) with which to accomplish this. This capability is transformational, and indeed constitutes a true paradigm shift in lethality and force multiplication, especially when you have swarms of these AutoCopter Gunships flying throughout the battlespace.

More info

Video here (mpeg format Right click, save as...)

That's one cool toy! Recently, on Beyond Tomorrow (a television show in Australia focused on technology), they had a helicopter similar to this one with a camera on the bottom which followed GPS co-ordinates and they called it ground-breaking blah blah. This is way cooler than the one that they had on the TV show, which could only take photographs, pritty cool but still this has a gun.

Come to think of it the one on the TV show used the camera to locate buildings and take photographs of them, automatically determining the shape of the building and positioning itself to take photos of each aspect of it.
borybosell wrote:
I love to rc heli and I also like your mini rc helicopter with AA-12 gun. It is a outstanding helicopter. I think it is very useful heli. I have read your heli's information and after i have decided, i want to buy your these heli but i don't know about it, So you give me more information.
ah crap. now I just have to point it out, you must be using some sort of posting bot to up your post numbers.
Hmmm..... seems to me like the future of warfare.... and also terrorism.
menino wrote:
Hmmm..... seems to me like the future of warfare.... and also terrorism.

Future? arent they already using this? look up Unmanned aerial vehicle and you will see what i mean
datter wrote:
terminate (i.e. kill) the enemy with extreme prejudice at 300 rounds-per-minute (and potentially tens of thousands of actual projectiles per-minute), and he's got a rather large 12-gauge ammunition suite at his disposal

Rather large ammunition suite?

That looks like an 8 to 10 round magazine, and the largest available for the AA12 is only 30 rounds or so.

...So your '300 rounds per minute' will allow for a whole 6 seconds of firing, max.

A belt-fed option such as the M2, SAW, or M60 would be much more practical. Then, the only limitation on ammunition available would be the weight carrying capacity of the helicopter.
(The M2 and M60 have both been used effectively as armament for airborne platforms in the past. No reason to reinvent the wheel here.)

Also, shotgun rounds are most effective at short range. For this thing to close in enough for shotgun shells to be particularly effective, it would have to get to a very low altitude, putting it at increased risk of collision with ground-based objects and enemy small arms fire.

A longer range weapon (like the ones mentioned above) would allow it to fire effectively from a safer, higher altitude.

Yes, such a thing could have great applications for escorting ground troops, giving them some quick low-level air support... but their choice of armament is poorly thought out.
Looks awesome! Though it's probably unpractical for actual war.
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