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Music at work

Do you enjoy music at work or does it annoy you? like at my job usally it would annoy me but I must admit it helps to make 9, 10 hour days go by much faster. Now it seems like nothing, but that also could be from repitiion from doing what I do at work so much. But ill tell you one thing after hearing a song 100 - 200 times you sorta got to get it because u keep sining it.

Also I was wondering if anyone out there has ever heard of a group called "Carbon Leaf"? I think their one song "Life Less Ordinary" rocks lol.. So yea tell me what you think Smile
I love music at work, but if we listen to the same radio station too much I tend to hear the same songs over and over and it drives me crazy. There are not many things worse musically than a terribly overplayed song.
Thankfully, as a programmer at an IT company, I get to listen to music as much as I like - my own music. Music on the radio annoys me to no end, but listening to iPod or bringing along some CDs for the CD-ROM drive is essential to get through a day's work Smile
When I used to work at a movie theater they used to play the same mix tape for months on end. Luckily, I didn't hear it when I worked behind the counter.
I love to hear to music while working, specially to my own or the radio. I'd die if I had to hear a mix tape all day long Sad
Scotty Too Hotty
i love to listen to music at work. If i dont have a cd in the CD-ROM, then i have my palm blasting out of its speakers, or i have my iPod blarin. (Depends on what item i forget to bring to work in the day). But i love it to no end. Its the only way that i keep my sanity while at work
definitely - I listen to my music on iTunes or else internet radio stations. thre are a lot of annoying people around my cube so I have to block out their inane conversations somehow.

sometimes I have to go work in other areas where there is no music... it sucks.
Luckily, working out of my place, I can blare my music as loud as I want. Unfortunatly, people make noise complaints, and so do my roommates, but, honestly, they all listen to the same music I do anyways, and even when they don't like some of the stuff I listen to, I blare it even louder to piss them off.
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