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Your Part-time Job

It's summer vaction. Students here in Taiwan will probably have several part-time jobs every day. Some may go to the cram school and help the school make a call to promote their coarse. Some may go out on the street spreading the ads. Still others will go the 7-ELEVEn or other supermarket to be the clerk. Will you also do the same thing? Please share your experience here.
I have a Part-time job in a flower shop, I also wash in another store once a week. I am planing on having this jobs when I start school again, so I can make a little extra.
I have a part time job at a wireless internet company Smile
I have a part-time job lifeguarding Southern Calfornia's beaches. It pays decently, but hey, my office is the beach. Can't really beat that...

I also do some computer repair on the side for friends and such. It pays well (much better than guarding) and the work's easy.
I am living and studying in Singapore. But it is so difficult to fine a good parttime job related to computer or networks here. Here is mostly hotal jobs and 7 eleven type jobs are available for polytechnioc students. Also there is pubs and restorents and mcdonalds where I can find a job. But I dont like these jobs. I always wish to have a job related to computers.
Zorrin is so lucky to have a part time in wireless internet company.
In India if you have pretty good English language skills
Getting a Call centre job in not a bad or difficult option
With great deal of outsourcing BPO & Call Centres here are blooming
Certainly a good part time job as working hours r in late nights
Pablo Diablo
I grew up in Niagara Falls Ontario, and we are a BIG tourist city. all my summer jobs have been at hotels. I was a bus boy, porter, pool attendant, and most recently Valet at a hotel.
Im working as a glassy trying to become a bartender? Any tips?
Mainly, I give tuition classes to small children.

that's way I earn the money, though now I have stopped doing it. Wink
Right now I have a part time job at EB Games! I love my job! It is so much fun being around video games all the time. Since I worked there I have rediscovered my obssession with gaming. I very often end up spending my entire paycheck in the store the next week!
I am a college student and am obligated to have a part-time job in order to pay for my books and to support my lifestyle. However, I found a great job, working at a bank, which has great benefits in term of promotions. They even have a managment program and even pay for you mba (masters in business administration). I would def. recommend for individuals to start working in professional enviornments!!!
I do java development work in my real job and does the same for my sideline. The only difference is that we do big systems in my real job and only small system for the side line.

The real job is 8 hours of work, while the side line is about 8 hours a week only (and I do it at home at the time of my convenience).

One thing about having the same jobs is that, sometimes you get too excited doing things in your sideline and ending up doing it during your work time (okay i'm so bad!) and sometimes there are just too much work in your real job and you have to continue it at home (see sometimes they are bad-der the you).

So that is how I juggle my work, my sideline... and did I said that I am taking my graduate studies too?
i am doing website development as partime job..
I used to work part time as a web designer for a French company for a few dollars... when I was in high school, and guess what... Now I have a great portofolio and I am negociating with a big web design company... Sounds good, huh? Part time jobs are important too...
I have tried many part-time jobs, the first one is telemarketer, it is a job that using the phone to ask the client for information. I did the jobs at home and I think it is a quite comfortable job. The second one is part-time sales, it is quite tough since I need to stand for a long long time inside a shop. The third one is part-time tutor, I taught students in primary and secondary school, and I think the job is very suitble for me since I like teaching.
I'm in Singapore and currently temping for Citibank. If you guys don't like stress, don't work in a bank.
i am also in singapore. My parttime job in hotals are really tiring and bad. I got stressed easily, during this job. I think bank job will be a bit less stressing. But I dont know where to find such a job. And as I am an international student studying in singapore, many employers never accept us. It is so bad. It is not that religious harmony. We are also able to do that works, but we are not allowed to.
Do u know any good parttime for international Students in singapore?
The coming month is vacation and I want to find a full time job.
In Maryland, in the USA.

I have a 4-year college degree, but right now I'm working 3 part-time jobs-- just trying to figure out what I want to do.

I work in a daycare (ages 6-12), I tutor highschool and college mathematics, and I'm a promotional model (that is, I dress nicely and hand out samples).

My degree is in mathematics, but I DETEST office jobs (HATE HATE HATE paperwork). I'm not terribly interested in teaching, though I may change my mind about that in the future. I'm not interested in engineering... always open to interesting job ideas Smile.
The Czar
Me, I have many which change everytime ...
Now I am going to college, and I think I should have a part time job there because I have to pay for my tuition. After browsing many relies, I consider there are many ways for everyone to get money, but what is the meaning of making big money? If you can simply live your life without too much pressure(means you don't have to worry to pay any bills), do you want to be richer than that?
This is not actually an advertisement because I don't advertise business opportunities through my company, but I actually run a financial services broker backed by the largest financial institution in the world. We currently operate in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Spain. I am currently expanding my operations and anyone is interested in learning more about it, I would love to talk to you. You can send me a private message. At the least, I am willing to offer free advice on personal finance that can really prepare you for the world. I have a Masters Degree and throughout my college and other education, I have never learned some of the most elementary elements of personal finance such as buying a house, how to save money and protect it from taxes, how to create a financial plan that you can follow and prioritizing savings and spending.

I would also love anyone's insight on my business after learning more about it. Currently, I am working on ways to integrate sophisticated IT to make business processes more seamless and how to effectively use the web to perform business with high trust, because even though we don't collect personal IDs such as credit card numbers and such, people need to have a high level of trust before using the web for finances.

I work at the university I attend on the IT Helpdesk. Over the holidays I intend to do some Accounting work experience, work at the IT Helpdesk and also maybe do summer semester at uni. Should be a very busy few months, but I hope to earn and save some money.
Lonelyhut wrote:
It's summer vaction. Students here in Taiwan will probably have several part-time jobs every day. Some may go to the cram school and help the school make a call to promote their coarse. Some may go out on the street spreading the ads. Still others will go the 7-ELEVEn or other supermarket to be the clerk. Will you also do the same thing? Please share your experience here.

well i work as a waiter part time
and in summer i got lot of work ammasing much work
i work in a 4 star hotel and beleave me its not much fun with much work
doing a web stuff work for a big telecom here in our country. It is for their HR use and will be integrated in their SAP.
im a uni art student who's been looking for part time work for 5 years. im not that picky, i swear!
I have done some parttime job like
1.traslator, intrepreter in many occasions
and 3.waiter in chinese restaurant
i have working for a lib about 2 week these vacation
It is interesting to see what others do in the summer. I work FT summer and PT fall/winter/spring in production for jams/syrups. Most of it is repetitious work, like capping jars or emptying boxes of new jars onto the canning table. I find that a good way to make use of this otherwise wasted time (at least for my mind) is to burn podcasts or other thought-provoking audio files onto CD and listen to it as I work. Well, I am glad to have this job, because I earn enough to pay for transportation to and from school, and in the summer I earn enough to pay for the following year's courses.
I am working on a self created part time job. I operate in a discriminatory market. Meaning different customers enjoy different pricing. So I just make a small commission sourcing cheaper products and selling to customers that are not getting a better deal.
Summer vacation's over, but over the summer I worked at a bank. Basic teller position. They said they'd let me move around and get a taste of the loan department etc, but, didn't happen. peroxide is correct. A bank job is not fun, regardless of what your position is. (P.S. I have a lot of family from Singapore & Indonesia, seems there are a lot of posters from that region on these boards. Cool.)

I'm starting at Berkeley in the spring because of housing concerns (read: I was a second string admitee = more cash for the UC system), so until then I'm working at the Department of Commerce in Washington, DC. I deal with imports from China.

At this point it's mostly busywork, but I'm learning how to do calculations and should be doing real work by midOctober.
During my summer holiday from university I worked at the local rubbish landfill site/recycling centre, 12 hours per day 6 days on 2 days off. It was such hard work I was so glad to get back to Uni and a couple of mornings each week where I dont have to wake up before the sun!

I'm working part-time now at the Uni library which is well nice, clean, quiet & relaxing.
One good thing about the summer work (apart from the money) was that it made me realise how much I want/need my future qualification now - unskilled manual work is hard and I don't want to end up being exploited for peanuts like the poor guy's I worked with at the rubbish tip.
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