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Ways to Make Money Besides Working 8-5?

So with the increase of gas, real estate, cost of living, etc... all of a sudden, my daily job / career, doesn't seem to be enough for my cost of living, which isn't much; your average family budget. Anyways, my job is pretty good, i get paid a good salary for my age and my work. But doesn't seem to be enough. Bottom line, are there any other ways to make money, whether it be online, doing side jobs, odds-n-ends, etc?

google adsense doesn't seem to make enough to buy even a cheeseburger, especially now-a-days. So what do you guys do for side jobs, part time jobs, ways to save / make money?

I sometimes build websites, and do graphic design on the side. Looking to get a notary license now.
Its seems now a days, Everyone is a owner of a Company, My Computer Teacher runs a Digital Works Company doing animations, web sites ect. My Friend's parents runs a Clothing Manufacuring Plant in their house ect... I guess the world we live in has changed alot.

But what I think your doing is great, Me I think I would supplement my income with a long term investment and build a portfolio that is diverse and profitable.
One of the most important things is to save your money. Maybe you already do this, so sorry if this post is useless. My brother always complains how he doesn't have enough money, yet I see him everyday with a soda, burger, candy bar or anything that he could have avoided buying. If he didn't buy any of that everyday, he would have extra money. So try not wasting your money and you'll have a lot in the end.

Another thing, is your site dedicated to getting you money? I have two types of sites, one that I love and barely has any ads, and one that is full of ads and was purposely made to get me money. So I suggest you make one that is just for the money. Don't do that to the site you love though.
Think up some 'zany' idea.
Like the million doller homepage.
LostOverThere wrote:
Think up some 'zany' idea.
Like the million doller homepage.

could you tell something more about that...sounds interesting..

basically some kid made a website with a bunch of ads and sold it by the pixel. like 100 bucks per pixel, so he can pay for college. it caught on and now he's rich.

yea i've been saving here and there. and trying to build a portfolio of investments. i pack my lunch almost all the time now instead of going out with my co-workers to eat. average for lunch is like 8-10 bucks. x 5 days a week, x 40ish weeks a year, it adds up. so i pack my lunch now. but thats interesting to build a website that makes u money. anyone have more insight on that? does adsense / other paying ads really work and pay?
try stuff that booms in the market. stuff like reg plates.

my uncle bought S70LUN as a reg plate (UK) for 250GBP, He's sellin it for 15,000 gbp. impressive to say the least
Working 8-6? Rolling Eyes
Personal web sites for street hookers. If you have a digital cam, a PC, courage and good speech you can make a good money this way. All you have to do is find them in the streets, present a nice portofolio with nude girls and convice them that with a nice web site they will get more polite and rich clients. Twisted Evil
Of course, you have to own a nice place to take the pics (you room is perfect) and some knowledge in web design (a magazine course is pretty fine).
They have the cash, you have feeling. Simple.

Idea Idea Idea Cool
you could go into real estate investment, but that might ask for more research/commitment than you're looking for. just throwing it out there.
I have heard there are things where you fill out surveys
for money...
I also have been looking for something like that your right the gas prices and the cost of living is going way up
Srs2388 wrote:
I have heard there are things where you fill out surveys
for money...

99% of those are scams to farm your information. There was a show on a local radio station today about that, and one of the guys was saying that he fills out every survey link he gets in his email box, and he has yet to see a dime, or receive the xbox360, ps2, or laptop he was promised. Rolling Eyes
Start cutting corners. Cook more, eat out a lot less. Buy cheaper brands of everything. Cut down on the luxuries, maybe sell a few things. Ask your boss for a promotion or raise or something.
Learn Reiki or some form of Alternative Medicine and start practising in your spare time.If you are Reiki First or Second Degree, you can try to attract clients who want Reiki treatment. Ideally, the treatment should be given for 21 days.
And if you are a Reiki Master/Teacher,you can teach Reiki to students and earn a sizeable sum.
lol.. i donno.. i have two jobs, one from nine to 5 every day, and a part time job as a php instructor in the weekend. The money are good, but unfortunetly, the left free time isn't enough to eat a hamburger lol
I work 2 days a week, total of around 20 hours. One of the days is 7AM to 6PM and the other day is 7AM to 4PM, provided that the weather is nice (since I work at a carwash, and business relies on the weather).

My dad is really good at making money on the computer. It's called eBay. What he does is he looks around at Flea Markets and at Garage sales for Schwinn Stingray bike parts, swaps pieces around on them (he has his own collection and a huge collection of things to sell on eBay) and then finally lists it. Normally he pays something cheap, like $20 or $50 for a bike. He does his work to it (and most of the time puts worse parts on it than what it orignally came with) and makes a few hundred on it. That's his hobby since he wants the nicer things for his own collection and wants the riff-raff to be sold. Besides with bike stuff, he found out that qwerky antiques tend to sell on eBay for a decent buck. That's his tiny sideline, but eBay is where he rakes in his side change. I'm not into that stuff, I only use eBay for buying things online.

- Mike.
I am a student and I want to earn some bucks while I am in the college. i am a decent programmer and have knowledge of Java,C,C++. Have worked with Visual Studio. If anyone of you have good projects, please let me know. I shall be glad to get some projects for the summer. Thanks.
HDirtwater wrote:
Srs2388 wrote:
I have heard there are things where you fill out surveys
for money...

99% of those are scams to farm your information. There was a show on a local radio station today about that, and one of the guys was saying that he fills out every survey link he gets in his email box, and he has yet to see a dime, or receive the xbox360, ps2, or laptop he was promised. Rolling Eyes

Yeah, a lot of the ones which promise you free expensive products are not true - they are often just gathering referrals for MLM style sites. But there are plenty of sites which offer you genuine cash for doing surveys. I'm a member of some which have paid me.

The main problem is that you've not got to expect to earn 000's or you'll be disappointed. You can only earn as much as the value of the surveys you are sent, and there is usually a request minimum amount. They won't make you much, but it's nice to get a bit of PayPal for using on eBay every now and again.
man, huh! I am frightened!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont spend on food......... Don't buy food from outside because it will cost more.......... dam shiit.......

You do not need to do these things to be rich.... If you can look through the careers of most very rich people... you will realize that they never cut down on their foods to save....

Infact they usually use their mind and innovative ideas to earn more and spend even more.... Think up a scheme...... something innovative new idea.......
you can work 7-4 Razz

Anyhow if you want to make extra money do side jobs and what not. Maybe ride a bike to and from work. That should save you a lot. If you are living by yourself in an apartment maybe bring in a roomate. When you go out to get stuff go to all the places in one shot. Different things like that do save lots of money.
get ya hustle on Cool Laughing
Conning people would get you some money but it is not a long term option.
I would say invest you money in real estate. If you can off course...
Real estate still offers the most security.
ebay has been mentioned, but that is a great way, not just with bikes, but I do recommend you pick a particular subject to do it with, so if anyone has a problem with something you sell, you might actually have a replacement.

another thing is pizza delivery. I manage a pizza place, and I make a decent salary, but our delivery drivers after tips get factored in make more than management.on a friday night my closing driver usually walks out with at least $50, often $60 or $70. it's not as profitable in the summer as it is come fall and winter, but it still makes it worth while, half of my drivers it's their second job to make extra spending cash.
There are google ads, affiliate ads, reseller ads, telemarketing, stocks, foreign exchange, bonds, or your plain old savings account or piggy bank.

Or dig for your own oil cache.
Sorry to be off-topic, but does anyone think making a site like the million dollar page would work?

I'm seriously interested, I mean if some student did it, why can't I? I guess I would just need an original twist on it or something...
It was a great idea at the time, but I seen several sites making attempts at trying to make the same exact thing work, but they got very little success out of it. It would cost a person $1.00 per pixel, and that's a bit too much to try to get.

- Mike.
Making the worlds best Sudoku Program, and let the money just flow in Razz
It may sound very crazy, but that´s me and my brothers ambitions.
We now have a whole little team working on the program Very Happy
Coming soon at (now that address is pointing to the old Sudoku Assistenten)...

We used to earn some money from Google AdSense, but then they decided (or thought) that we had made "false clicks" on the ads to earn money (wich we hadn't) Sad Maybe someone has clicked a lot on them just to bother us. I don't know.
That´s bad, because actually, we earned quite a lot. On two or three weeks we had already earned $50 (!)

Anyway.. we hope to have the program finished until Christmas.
Why it´s gonna be the best program? Because we have the worlds fastest sudoku solver, and we are coming up with features that no other sudoku program has. Among them, a 3D sudoku board (!)
hive wrote:
Personal web sites for street hookers.

Or just become a hooker. Now that's not a 8->5 job.

Alternatively, sell your body... to SCIENCE.
Blood donations can net you a few bucks here and there, but you'll have to wait a few weeks between donations. Plasma donations are where the money's at. You can donate plasma every 3 days or so! Collect fabulous prizes! For just 3 donations you can earn yourself a $40 or $50 gift card, depending on the promotion going on at the time.

There was a Japanese gameshow which I heard about where a guy tried to survive solely by cashing in on freebies and winning raffles, but I think they had to sneak him some help in the end.

Cat burglars work all kinds of hours.
I'll be honest with you, Did you know that those who are most likely to succeed are the ones who actually think out of the box? Getting creative with things instead of doing it the old fashion way. If you really want to get rich, Use your head and take risk. I'm probably sure that the owner of the million homepage was called a nut and instant failure by those around him because his idea is similar to a get rich quick scheme.
You mentioned side jobs? My side job IS working from 8-5 Sad the only way to make money..... for me atleast.......
****** yea, hella hard for most of us to make real doe with the prices of everything going up. but im actually doing a bit of what you all are saying, investing in real estate, i have a rental home im renting so it's building good equity, i actually work from 7-5:30 everyday, and saving, cutting back on name brands, hardly eat out. some good advice, im able to see some increase in savings. thanks for the advice. as for the hooker thing, tried that too, i ended up giving it to the girl for free..... Surprised
creativity will go a long way, try this businessplan..

1) get one red paper clip
2) set up blog and try to trade paperclip for a house
3) ?
4) Profit!

sounds ridiculous? take a look here.
Wow, and I thought that I'd seen everything online. Shocked That sounds like a good idea, but I'm sure it would take a long time to work, to trade a red paperclip into more different things, growing a little in size, and then eventually a house...

- Mike.
My friend encourges me to join in a Networking Business (part-time). It's really a good sideline to earn that extra $$$ though I'm thinking of it yet if it would fit in my schedule.

Well, it happen that this friend of mine is in the business for quite a while and in less than a year, he bought this cool ride. Yeah, I mean, like those of that cars in the "Fast and Furious" movies.
I know exactly what you mean. I am creating a website to try to get out of my own, work harder , more bills, lifestyle. I know that everyone in the world "has a website" by now, but I think the key in making a profitable website is to find a "real world" way to make a profit, and then use the technology to make the product better, cheaper, or faster, thus creating value, and value is the equity of all finance, and equity is forever yours, unless you liquidate. The rest is sales. If you can't sell, then find someone to sell for you. Walaa, you are now the proud owner of a profitable venture.

Back in the real world, I am sitting inside on a beautiful July day typing messages in the hopes of being a frih$ millionaire. Embarassed I wish you the best of luck.

Maybe it would be easier to unionize your workplace easier than making money online, but then again, they have scabs, and we have spammers. lol.
I agree adsense earning is very minimum.(starts from $0.01/click)

But here is a idea which make earning potiential of $100/click.

1. Join as clickbank affiliate (where u can sell thousands of e-products which will make commission from $10 to $100) (i.e. unlimited free movie downloads)

2. Select the products relevant to your website

3. put hop links in your website

4. make traffic to your website using google adwords

5. If a sale made by clicking your hop link u can get $10 to $100 depending upon the product u selected.

for more details just visit

(please note that i am not sure this will make 100% profit) Wink
I'm sure everyone is interested in making money by side jobs. But just it's not easy to do that.
There are many people who has own business on internet. Some of them could get great money, some of them could not.
Ebay is the most popular way to build own business on the internet. Just it's very difficult to find out unique items. There are tremendous items and seller at Ebay. Everyone is looking for them?

There are some products in japan which are sold in only Japan such as kinds of laptops and small luxary gadgets. or very traditional souvenirs..
"Sorry to be off-topic, but does anyone think making a site like the million dollar page would work?

I'm seriously interested, I mean if some student did it, why can't I? I guess I would just need an original twist on it or something..."

I think I've seen at least 100 pixel selling pages around the net, none of them looked successful at all. What you need is a -completely- original idea. That will get you dough.
I have no idea about clickbank links. Any one have a happy experience with them, share it please.
maybe try buy and sell at ebay .. hard at first but when income arrive .. you will do it continously.. invest more on computer items .. coz many people around the world searching for that ..
I know a guy who does nothing but build things out of Legos and sells them on Ebay.

He makes around $60,000 a year doing so.
He'll simply do things like say, "Oh, a new Batman movie is coming out... I'll make a Batman out of Legos"... And then he'll sell that lego Batman for thousands.
pass out personal web design cards and while doing this get certified in html, javascript..etc. at
Ghost Rider103
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Just a note, this thread was started back in 2006.
There are plenty of sales oppportunities out there where you own your own business for very little down. Stuff like Avon, Pampered Chef, ACN, and other stuff. Yeah, they smell like "pyramid schemes", but no more a pyramid than you're typical business.
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