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Tell us about your first Love!!!

I start... Wink

Always I will remember my first love...she's a beautiful girl and I liked to walk with her, I remember the time that we happened together. But we separated by things of the destiny (she was changed). I try to find this moment with anothers girls and i don't feel equal.. I believe that i search that moments for feel me good with another girls. Some years have happened since then... But i don't forget my first love...

And you?
please, tell your history...
Thanks Wink
I'm finding a girl now... I'm waiting in this i don't say nothing for now.
I met this boy in my grade. I knew him for two years already, but last year I never had a class with him and just forgot he ever existed (I still never had him as a classmate before). Then we met at lunch time in a restaurant (on a school field trip) then we fooled around. It was pretty fun actually, but I didn't think I'd talk to him again. Over the next several days he kept trying to engage me in a conversation (but I regrettably act as if I wasn't interested in talking to him). Then, on a hike, he intentionally waited for me. It was really windy and I was a bit unsteady on my feet, and he sort of... well, held me *blush* That's when I started falling for him. Then, back at school, I found him often wandering outside my classroom but never really entering the room and I started to avoid him. I don't know what got into me, but I took a lot of pride in being pretty together and relaxed around boys, unlike girls who are constantly switching boyfriends or dreaming about their crush, and all this drama seem a bit mad to me. Then I buried myself in the library, out of fear that he would appear everywhere in the hallways. So... we never got together, but it's a memorable experience Wink
LOL @ "she was changed" - whatever that means Laughing

The first girl I thought I loved, was a girl I met on the internet actually. She was needing help with something on her computer, and a friend of mine who had her on MSN sent her in my direction. We clicked, started flirting, realised she went to my school and was a year younger than me.

Finally realised who she was to look at - she was stunning and I'd already seen her around. So I asked her out, and had a terrible first date, she went off with another guy. We sorted things out a few days later, went out again, and started seeing eachother. We stopped seeing eachother, and she started seeing a mate. Then another one of my mates - this time, my BEST mate. Then we got back together a few months later - this was about a year and a half after first meeting. She left me for a guy she met in a club one night! Later I found out that my best mate had been 'doing stuff' with her the whole time I was seeing her, even when we were all out together. Infact, it goes as far as him having had his hand her her skirt, while she was kissing me in a club one night - probably on more than one occassion. Nightmare.

My first REAL love, is my current girlfriend, the girl I cant imagine life without. The story about how we met should really be saved for another day, as its not the most straightforward, and many would object to it - but hey, she's happy, i'm happy. We love eachother, and life is good! Smile
My first love was a pretty and intelligent girl. I think I was in love but she was so cold and couldn't give me time to be with her. I think she was nicer as a friend than a girlfriend. That was the reason to finish with her.
But I enjoyed the short time I was with her.
The first time I fell in love was when I was 12 years old and the girl was 10.
The infatuation was mutual and it was so intense that we couldn't look into each others eyes for more than a few seconds, we would start smiling and turning our heads the other way. This all happened at a holiday camp and it lasted only 5 days or something. We never saw each other again after this week.
After this week I had a heartache that lasted 2 - 3 weeks.
I will never forget it. Cool
I was at school. he was a couple of years older, and I loved him. WIth my teenage heart and soul I loved him.
I laughed with him, cried over him, and he will always hold a special place in my heart.
Why is everyone always talking about first love when its the last one that counts. Rolling Eyes

My first love if can really call it love was back in highschool, i didnt expect it but he was kind of nice, very unlike his reputation, i started dating him couse of peer pressure, but i don't regret it in the slightest, even thou it didn't last long we splitted up as friends right after graduation, we still are good friends after all these years. Unfortunately we don't see each other too often since he got married and moved to another city, but we still talk a lot. After all i must say he was one of the greatest people i met in my life, one of those that are still there, without prejudices and always supportive expecting nothing in return.

And what about my last love? What to say, she is my soulmate, without her i have nothing, nothing else really matters anyway.
Why is everyone always talking about first love when its the last one that counts.

It's just that it makes a lasting expression, I guess.
...and I think the first love tasted the sweetest. Razz
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