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what's your favorite color and why?

I started..

I like the black color why I like the dark night with rain... I'm fanatic of there landscapes...

And what's your favorite color???
i like the black with white and the blue.
I like lime green and grey together. Not really sure why, I just like it.

But, black is my all time favourite colour.
I like, because it exudes simplicity and it can go with any outfit I wear especially with shoes. Razz
I like green.
The pure bliss of the colour makes it nice.
I just like the colour of green grass.
Someone a while ago asked me what my fave color was. I told her hunter's green. And than she asked me the most strange Q I thought I had ever heard. "Why?" I realized later that when I had come to the conclusion that that was my fave color, I had taken into account several reasons, and after much difficulty, I remembered them, and wrote them out:

Fave place in world: Greyling, MI

Location of my old dwelling: about 5 miles outside of Greyling in woods

Surroundings: forest, lots of shag pines.

Color of pines and most trees: Green

Therefore, my fave color: Hunter's Green

So, yeah. I really do like the color green, but the reasons that it is my fave have more to do with my past life, and me wanting to stay in-touch with it.
i haate green :S. Sorry, i jsut do. I think it's because of leprechuans...

My favourite is (dark) red, or a rich purple. The former because of ARSENAL, the latter just because it looks so...comforting....
black, I dont know why, but black attracts me.
Haven't a clue why...
Love cloudy, rainy days. Great for paddling.
B&W photos always seem to evoke a stronger emotional response for me.
Grey is the blank slate on which anything can be created.
I like orange because it is bright and brightens up peoples days and it reminds me of the sun.
I love red and black. Those colors seem mysterious for me.
Blue, dunno why, just like it.
Midnight blue is just the most gorgeous color, it's dark and mysterious, it's always been my favorite.
The color I like the most is grey, maybe because I like cloudy rainy days... But I like orange and black a lot too. Anyway, I can't stand green... I don't know why, but it just makes me sick...
Green - Because the nature along with blue provided this color all around us in trees, bushes, shrubs and beautiful mountains to enjoy and ponder on the wonders that he has given to us mankind on which life has originated since the dawn of the time, has been feeding the entire population (directly or indirectly) and will continue to be our saviour for the days to come if we protect it just like it has protected us from all wrath (UV Rays, Greenhouse and other harmful stuff from nature). Not to mention, the soothing shades of green just adds to your choice.....Hope this helps.
Purple - because it always capture my mind when i see it. its hard to explain but basically it looks very special to me
Well, it used to be black when I was like 10.
At 15 it turned blue.
Now, and I'm in late 20's it's a group of colors... light colors. green, brown, etc.

I can't explain this evolution...
I like red, white, and blue together because it gives me that overwhelming sensation of patriotism and love for my country.

But my favorite color overall is blue - deep and passionate, which actually says a lot about me... in a way. I'm not sure why, but of all colors, it seems to fit perfect.

This reminds me (a bit off topic) of a game me and my friends used to play when we were around 11 years old. Every year on our birthday, our favorite color had to change. We would close our eyes, spin around, and open them and the first color we saw was our new favorite.
It changes. When I was young my favourite colour was blue. Most of my clothes were blue. I hated green. I find now I'm drawn to some shades of green. I also like lavender. Don't as me why. It's not a thing I've psychoanalised(sp) I find I'm buying pink clothes this year. It wasn't a conscious decision until a friend said pink suited me & I should wear it more. So I do. Just for this year.
jaime wrote:
I like the black color why I like the dark night with rain... I'm fanatic of there landscapes...

And what's your favorite color???

Black is not a colour, but the absence of all colours (even more, the absence of light) just as white is the presence of all colours.

The yellow of the Sun is my favourite colour. I have no particular reason for this - I've just always favoured it.

Another interesting, scientific aside: technically, when we see an object as being a certain colour (e.g. blue), it is really every colour but that colour (e.g. every colour but blue). In reality, we see it as a certain colour because that colour is reflected from the object and reaches our eyes. Thus, the object, itself, contains every other colour and we see the one that it does not have. Smile
I like blue, cause it just makes me feel more alive everytime i see it. Laughing
my fav color combination is black and raspberry or black and teal. i think they're vibrant against the black and it's quite striking.
also love the colors of the sunset. all those pinks and purples and oranges....breathtaking
I would have to say my top favorite color is black. Black just seems to go with everything and it's so sleek. Plus, its easy to match with black and you can never go wrong really. Haha.

Second to black would have to be white or forest green. I think white would be closer to second than forest green because its just simplier. As for forest green, I just like it because I was so used to it being my school colors for the longest time and I guess it grew on me.

White and black, what can I say ... I'm a simple person. Haha.
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