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Poem : Emma

Yeah i know im sad :p i just made it in my spare time :

Emma emma with ur gorgous ass n smile
i cnt go with out u for a while
i wanna be close with ya sum hugin n kissin
cuz all the time its u that im missin

I want ya to come out this Sunday
Cuz if u dnt it will ruin my day
I want you to come because i want to get off with you
Cuz emma emma.. I love you

I want ya to come on vertigo in oakwood
To show u that u really could
Ill b there for you, holdin’ ur hand
ill love u for as long as im on this land

but on this high it must end with sadness
as a glint in you r eye hints badness
I cant help thinking things might come to an end
Maybe today tomorrow or next weekend

But I don’t want this to happen as I love you so much
Cuz I get this feeling when we touch
So I want this to last for months on end
Even when the other boys contend
That is very nice. I would have liked it better if you had used proper spelling for the words. But maybe that is just your style. Smile
The swearing and sexual references don't do much for the poem
cyph33r wrote:
The swearing and sexual references don't do much for the poem

Seconded. I think this might be the least romantic love poem ever written.

"I want you to come because i want to get off with you"

Very nice, did she loved it?
Well it's ok if it's your type of thing.
I do agree with some of the previous posters though. Swearing and sexual referances could be done without, and although I agree both can have their place in poetry I felt that here it was simply gratuitous.
Not the sort of poem I would want to have written for me.
Only the last two stanzas interest me, because I could relate with them with respect to my own relationship.
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