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Battlefield 2 - BETA mode lol

I dont know how EA can release a game such as this that is like a beta. Really, it has so many bugs and memory leaks it's crazy. The game is really fun to play, but with all the bugs, it's just frustrating.

And they even released a new patch, 1.01. And it causes more memory leaks and problems then before and now they are rolling it back.

Developers these days are getting lazy. Same with Valve and Counterstrike source. Full of bugs in that one too. Cmon guys, release a game bug free for once. We're not your $50 beta testers.
Well, with time constraints and the fact that newer games need about 10 times the number of people working on it than compared to even five years ago, It's hard to get a reasonably good game out that is almost bug free. For Battlefield 2, all the memory leaks and such are still mostly server-side, and luckily more rare. The patch however, has caused more problems with lag.

Still, for a game with graphics and gameplay at the level of Battlefield 2, all that's a very small price to pay. As long as each computer uses different hardware, there will be bugs. It's as simple as that. Console video games are easier to program for that reason- they are all exactly the same. A change in the video card of a computer could mean an extremely laggy or extremely fast computer game.
Hell ya this game has problems they should pay us to play on this beta i refuse to play this game till they fix these bugs te latest patch didnt do crap it just made things worse
I had not probems with the latest patch made my game run quicker actually, the server browser still needs fixing though it shows some weried pings when they should be normal.
the pings are alot higher on the broswer but its cause its collecting all the info at once so thats probly y
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