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5 people you meet in heaven

Since youve been born, who are the 5 people that have most influenced your life.

1 Parents/Children are not allowed.
2 Pseudonyms can be used to protect peoples identities.
3 3 people will do, if you can't think of 5.
The first person who realy has big influence in my life was my friend who I call Sonia.
I was a teenager and she teach my how to be an indipendent, goodlooking and smart girl.
The second person was one of mine ex boyfriends who I call Leo. He show me that the love exists and teach me how to love.
The third person is my later ex boyfriend with whom I brake up before three days. I call him James. He show me that the believes and reactions are totaly different things.
The first person who realy has big influence in my life was my ex girlfriend tina she learn me love
The second person was a my teacher he learn me the world
The third person is me Laughing Laughing
The first group of people that influenced my life are my two aunts and an uncle there in our province in Iloilo. One of my aunt just passed away last June 17. They teached me to respect everyone that I meet. They are the ones responsible for my character of avoiding to tell anyone the words that can hurt them. Not really avoid but at least try to minimize the damage that can be done.


The second group of people that really influenced my life are my teachers in elementary and high school. My english teacher back when I was in 6th grade teached me how to be responsible. She also teached me to face any challenges that comes my way.

My ethics teacher back in 3rd and 4th year high influenced my decision making. He teached me how to analyze a situation before coming up with a decision.


The last group of people that influenced me are the priests in our church. They influenced my temper. They are the ones responsible for my temper control and at the same time, my analysis in any situation that happens in my life.
"AY", a friend of 7 years who made manymanymanymany mistakes and continues to make them even now, helped me learn exactly how to NOT treat friends and significant others. (how were we friends for 7 years, you ask? i honestly have no clue lol)

"BN", my current boyfriend, has taught me to open up in a way i honestly never had and showed me what real love and trust feels like. (it's not easy, but it's still the most wonderful thing ever.) i think he's the only person outside my family who's ever seen me cry.

"BR" and "AN", friends of 6 years and counting, have been the doses of giggles, feminity, tomboyishness, solidity, weakness, and familiarity that keep me sane. (or insane... however you want to look at it lol)

and COCO! my precious spotted pony who reignited my love for horses in the best way possible. if there's no Coco in heaven, i refuse to go!!!!
I would love to meet my best friends.

The 1st one, is someone that I really think I love, I've felt the same way about them for about a year, so, when I die, she's deffinitly the one I wanna see the most ( at this current point of time )

Next my pets. They have always been there for me, I know, it sounds weird, but whenever I'm feeling down, they're there for me.

My brother nate, who has influenced me to play electric guitar, helped me learn to play it, he taught me how to shoot rifles, pistols, and shotguns. He's always there by my side when I need him..

that's probably it.
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Saturday 9th Feb 2008
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