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Running Server on XP

How do I run a webserver on Windows XP home?
Is it possiblr at all or do I need to install windows 2003 any way?
Can I do it if my internet connection is wireless?

>>How do I run a webserver on Windows XP home?
Download XAMPP:

Is it possiblr at all or do I need to install windows 2003 any way?
Yes it is possible, it even runs on Win98.

Can I do it if my internet connection is wireless?
Yes, ofcourse.

To avoid high internet costs, you only have to have a real flatrate (no volumetarif, no timetarif).

After decompressing it, you have to run a batchfile that creates the paths.
Then run xampp-control.exe and start the first 2 services.
Enter the following in your browser: "http://loaclhost/"
You'll see a site which informs you about the server.
Open the subfolder "htdocs" and replace the "index.html" with your own.
After entering http://localhost in your browser, you'll see your homepage.

FTP-Server and Mail-server are included and ofcourse MySQL with the frontend "phpMyAdmin".
You can ask me for anything depending on xampp except how to config and to run the mailserver, because i don't know it myself (would be nice, if anybody could explain to me Wink)

Then you should register a dynamic DNS on, because your pc get's a new IP, after reboot. With this service and a little program called "WinConnect" (

This cares about that every person who calls "" sees your site.

An alternative dynamic DNS provider is, but I didn't test it.
Beside go to this site:
you can also visit
the difference is XAMPP include FTP server

But newer version of these software installed PHP 5. I run my server using PHP 5 on Windows XP Pro, it has some problems! So i thnik that you must think about this before using these software.
If you want your apache server with ssl you can look here

download here

in this site you can download php5apache2.dl if you use php-5.1.4 because php5apache2.dll from not support Apache-2.2.2
you can download here

i hope this will help you
If you just want a simple web site try HOME web sever (Google for it), very simple and easy to use.
Remember to get dyndns account if you don't have a fixed IP.
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