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Is .NET as good as they say it is?

Hello people,

Is this .NET thing a big hype, or is there something to it?
Was VB6 Good enough?

I've been having this argument for a long time now. My personal view is that there are things which .NET does that old visual studio couldn't think of. But there is something to the argument about vb6, though...
.Net is really good and it is capable of doing lot more things than old VB6. Just give it a try or search Google for the differences and improvements in .Net over VB 6.
.Net is merely a platform. It is a good layer that MS has created on top of their OS, to "cover-up" the missing links that J2EE has shown.
However, MS has done a good job, that now J2EE has to do the catching up.

.Net real power is not merely the Foundation Class Library.

But I believe is the Visual Studio.Net (various languages supported).

To the developers, this is the jewel, that reduces the complexity of
Internet / database / Web Services development.

With less to worry in the complexity, less errors and therefore
more functional software can be developed.

So it depends on what you are looking for?
Ease of development - currently, yes VS.Net is great.
Compatibility with J2EE - then no sure - both sides are trying
to co-operate and yet opposing.

Hope this help.
VB, in all its forms was terrible - an abomination. It limited what you coul do a lot, and the language was needlessly complicated.

C# on .NET is almost the ideal language/IDE/platform. Anyone who tries it will understand its popularity.

Just me expressing an opinion.
Agreed, that VB.Net has evolved "too much", from its original state.
It is not an OO language, and now has to work with a OO Library
the .NET Foundation Class Library.

I have used and taught academically C# development, will have
to agree that C# is ideal for VS.Net, as I have stated
MS .NET is build using C#, obviously it works best with itself.

But let us give credit to VB - as it has served it original purpose
years ago. It is now like a car trying to use Natural Gas or Hydrogen
as enviromentally green fuel. Too much adaptation.

This too is partially based on my opinion.
.NET is certainly a great leap let me say atleast in terms of security microsoft does had put a lot of effort into it.
.NET Framework provides a lot of advantage of the managed code over unmanaged code.
There have been efforts from the open source communty to find alternatives
Project Mono
dot GNU
are some examples
Please google to get detail on that
The .NET enviroment is probably microsofts biggest acheivements since windows 95. But that about where it stops. .NET is still huge in the business world like other platforms like the L.A.M.P. architecture of linux. Microsoft has created it in responce to L.A.M.P. It seems that microsoft hasn't really led the tech industry, but they have just been following it and reinventing what has already been invented. Example, MS creates C# in responce to C++/Java. ASP.NET has been created in responce to the rise of server-sided scripted like PHP. MS buys out much of the competition and repackages is has their own.
According to me :

VB6 is hard and VB.NET is more programmer friendly. You need to code less for doing the same job.
In my opinion .Net has brought in an integration of VB with VC++ and other VS development environs enabling the programmer who works on one to move over to the other seamlessly.

I think this is a big advantage.
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