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Zinedin Zidane

A very good buy to Zinedine Zidane from his carrier of playing international matches in football. he plays like air, when he runs with ball no body can stop him. I am a great fan of him are you also. But I dont have so knowledge about his carrier and if u have please tell me.
Learn about his career here.

Zidane was a great player. It would have been really great if he had retired after winnning this years world cup. I felt he was really motivated to do that, from the way he was playing. He hadn't played that well at Real Madrid for a long time.

But then again, Italy deserved the cup more. They played better all through the tournament while France was feared to go out before the Quater Finals.

Nevertheless, Zidane will always be counted as one of the greatest footballers of all time.
Well, I was rooting for France to win the world cup too, because of soccer legend Zidane. I thought a soccer great like Zidane should reitre with a grand finale, like winning the world cup, but well, looks like it wasn't meant to be. However, a minute a folly, or rather a sudden explosion of anger should not erase or even dampen all the accomplishments Zidane has accumulated througout his career. With France, he has won the world cup, the Euro Cup. With Real Madrid he has won the champions league, the Spanish League. With Juventus, he has won the Serie A, the Champions league and many many more. What more can we say of Zidane, He's absolutely fabulous! Cheers! Smile
Already plenty of discussion about this in the [OFFICIAL] World Cup 2006 thread. Please search and read more carefully before mindlessly creating topics that are already under discussion.

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