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ie 7

Dont touch it, it looks great and has many added features that we can all love... most of which are and have been for a while in Firefox. internet explorer 7 beta will work for a while... then crash-crash-crash, more so before you link to any page, I have mine set to blank as a homepage, and ffs the #$^& wont open, wel lit opens to a window and then freezes... its not completely broken, if I click on my email icon on MSN messenger it will open to the page, but ofcourse I use live mail, so that takes forever to open...

Jus stand clear until bugs are fixed... trust me! If such things exist but dont surface for months...then how about security issues? God only knows what can connect to you now
Well I guess that is why they say it is in BETA stage still. That is the whole idea od Beta, it has bugs and they are trying to fix them. The people who try the Beta are supposed to experience the bugs and send reports so they can fix it.

I have a friend who tried it and he said Opera is better. What I hate about M$ is that they are not innovative. They wait till everyone else brings out new new features like Tabbed Browsing in Firefox and Opera and then copy their ideas.

I might be wrong but I think IE7 is meant foe Windows Vista. So by then they would have fixed most of the bugs. No need of hoping that even the final release will have NO bugs and Great security... There are people who will always find flaws to exploit and M$ will just have to keep on releasing fixes.
jipmerite wrote:
Well I guess that is why they say it is in BETA stage still. That is the whole idea od Beta, it has bugs and they are trying to fix them. The people who try the Beta are supposed to experience the bugs and send reports so they can fix it.

I have windows live messenger on XP sp1. The BETA version was brilliant - worked with my system better then msn 7.5 and worked a hell of a lot faster.
I could find NO bugs that i could point out and i loved it. then came that fateful day where it said the Official version had been released and i needed to install that to continue. Now i hate it. its slow, F***'s with firefox and my computer crashes for sum unknown reason (yes thats typical of windows but it increased dramatically since i installed wlm 8.0 official release.

F*** Offical Releases
I found this slightly amusing:
well, what else did you excpect from ie? A stable browser!? (lol)

Seriously, IE7 is a pathetic attempt in the browser wars (which in my opinion were rigged and not entirely over) IE7 has attempted to incorporate many of the features l have been using in FFX for the better part of a year now, plus it tries to stay "secure" and in that gives you these annoying pop ups on everything you do! FFX has its bugs, every piece of software does, deal with it, but IE7 has more bugs than it needs to, as does all of its predecessors.
im not dumping firefox for anyother browser microsoft makes. IE7 is a pathetic attempt to rip off mozilla. although the looks are good (similar to firefox) i really doubt the security aspect of the browser. and that isnt microsoft's forte Razz

although i have to add that IE7 beta did run well on my computer. it didnt crash and was more or less stable. but i did uninstall it the very next day
I feel sad about microsoft. It just wants their name on everything. Why can't they accept Open browsers and just let them develop and sproute. IE 7 appears to be a copy of Firefox/Opera. Opera 9 is much much better than IE 7 beta.
For a long time I have used internet Explorer and frankly i didn't experience any major problems.
At that time I heard about the advantages of Firefox and Opera but I just didn't want to CHANGE.
BUT now that I am using Firefox I can only recommend this to everyone.
Only the security side of it already is way ahead of Explorer.
Even Explorer 9 (if it comes that far) will not be able to compete with Mozilla
man are u right ,, it is crash crash crash as i have windows vista and as it comes pre installed with it i had to use it before i got opera and firefox and even going to took ages as it crashed left , right and center Evil or Very Mad i never us IE and now i know why ....
kazikame wrote:
I found this slightly amusing:

LOL. Trust them to buy that domain.

On a more serious note like most things produced by microsoft it'll be buggy as hell and the new features hardly worth it for the CPU/bandwidth usage.
I was using ie7 when i was playing around with windows vista beta. It worked perfectly for me. But I do believe that it is meant for windows vista. I loved all the added features, but i have never tried to download it or anything like that. I am running xp pro right now so i figure i will just wait until it comes out in a final release.
{name here}
IE 7 looks more like a toy than an actual browser. The three main browsers of tomorrow will all be the same. The difference will be in performance - which firefox doesn't do too hot on, and security - which IE won't be keen on without the right measures.
kazikame wrote:
I found this slightly amusing:

That site was such a funny surprise. Laughing
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