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Attention iTunes users (or any other music manager)

Ok, l came accross this nifty little guy a little while ago, it is a music manager that can handle the .m4a file format and write to an iPod or any other mp3 player. It is customizable, installs on removable media so you can take it anywhere and have your music manager, watches folders for changes and auto-adds or deletes files (deletes if missing, adds if new) can stay on top of other windows and you can change the opacity so it looks better, set up global hot-keys, and way way more!

just check it out for yourself, l used to use iTunes, but this is way better
I would pick iTunes over Winamp any day. Yes Winamp does have more skins. But the iTunes has such a clean interface. It also keeps track of it's folders and arranges them according to Artist, Album etc...I don't think Winamp does that and even if it did, iTunes has it too so they are equal.

iTunes Music store is a great place to learn what are the popular songs. There are many interesting Podcasts you can download. You just have to subscribe and they will download in the background and be ready for you to listen when you have time. iTunes music store has sold over 1 Billion songs.

I have tried Windows Media Player too but I don't like the Playlist System there. In iTunes you can rate your music so when you feel like it, I can listen to just the songs I rate 5/5.

Smart Playlists let you automatically make playlists of any genre, artist, year, album or any other detail.

After using iTunes I am not even looking for a better music player. When I was reading your post I was thinking you must have found a really great player... I cannot beleive you suggested Winamp over iTunes.
l used iTunes for about a full year for all the same reasons, even though l didn't have an iPod. However, l tried this once because it supported the m4a format and that saved me the time of downloading iTunes again for a few days (this is after a re-install of the OS) and l grew to love it. You can rate them, and rather than just having stars, you can put different symbols in to replace them (so instead of ***** you can have XxXxX or !@#$% whatever you please). Also, winamp does tie into the iTunes shop systems, you can subscribe to podcasts with winamp, and it has its own media stream type of thing which is vastly superior to windows media players. It has a great interface if you use the modern skins and just pick a theme you like, and it does do as you said by managing the music into seperate folders and every thing.
Well then winamp has improves greatly from their plain old player. I have not tried the modern skins. I have winamp on my system but I have not checked out any of those features. I just use it to edit the ID3 Tags of songs. It's not that it is difficult in iTunes. Just a personal thing... Smile
SongBird seems to be a great app. I have only used it for a short time but it plays every thing.

"Songbird plays the Web. Play any MP3 on the Web without leaving the page. Songbird can view Web pages as dynamic playlists that it can play, save, or automatically download every day.

Songbird plays your music too. Songbird has all the features you expect in a desktop media player. And Songbird constantly improves. Like Firefox, Songbird's features may be improved with user installed and contributed cross-platform extensions.

Soon, Web page authors will be able to publish playlists and transfer MP3s into Songbird to build digital music stores like eMusic, music subscription services like Yahoo! Music Unlimited, virtual jamming services like Ninjam, playlist sharing services like WebJay and more."

Enjoy! Cool
for me iTunes is better, coz it is much easier when you have a large collection of music. it is easier to search and organise them with iTunes. I only use WinAmp to encode music into MP3s, because it contains LAME encoder, and to rename file tags.
I used to use winamp way before I used iTunes and to me winamp is a nifty app to have

Although iTunes is in my eyes a player that will put out more quality in its tunes, winamp is great as it plays all media and even some that no other apps can.

Great software in my opinion Smile
I used to use Winamp but I use iTunes now, its so much easier to use.
I tried Winamp a while back, hated the interface, and went straight back to iTunes. Very Happy Best music app that I've ever used, especially now that I have an iPod!
quite frankly both are not the best. sure itunes has the easiest interface and organizer, but its memory hogging and the quality isnt upto my mark. winamp just sucks for quality. the best player for quality is foobar. small, fast and very good. the only disadvantage is the interface is very complicated and album manager is almost non existant... but since i need only quality, it rox!!
I have winamp installed to, but I only use it to play my MP3's with it. I think winamp has the best sound output.
I use musicmatch to manage my files and to make changes to the tags.
I have I-tunes too, but I do like musicmatch more (when it comes to managing)
iTunes is way better than winamp. Winamp is difficult to use and it's so hard to find a command and stuff
I really like winamp, but can someone show me a super light player that uses very minimal resources? I want to be able to listen to music while playing games and winamp is just a bit bulky for that kind of thing.
lukeropro wrote:
iTunes is way better than winamp. Winamp is difficult to use and it's so hard to find a command and stuff

For me it's the other way around.
I guess this is all a bit personal feeling.
i tried itunes for about a week and i came back screaming at my beloved mp3 player, winamp. Winamp is way more complex and option oriented than iTunes, i personally love all the great presets i can get from their site, also with themes, skins, etc. I also find that searching trough music is way easier in winamp than in itunes. The only problem is that when you try to put in the list about 20,000 songs, it lags for about 20 seconds or so. But then again, itunes takes even longer Razz
I remember trying Winamp for a short period of time. Quite liked it, skins are really neat for it but I kind of lost the need for it I can't remember why. I mostly use WMP for the conveniance these days.
I think WMP 11 is out. Have not been able to try it yet.How about you guys? WHat are your thoughts on WMP 11?

So far I really dislike WMP 10. M$ will have had to have thought up some really neat stuff for it to be any competition to iTunes and Winamp.
I personally don't like Windows Media Player, it's good for listening to 1 song when you're in a hurry, but that's it.
I hope that the new version, (as you say v11) will be better then the previous ones.
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