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Real-life alogithm for points distribution

Sorry for being theoretical on the matter (my hosting activation is still pending), but I have got 2 suggestions on point system improvement.

1. Frihost should encourage and promote people hosting high-quality websites. Sites updated more often (or sites where site admin logs in more often) are statisticaly better than other sites - so, there should be an award for those modifying/logging more often (for example, + 0.5 points once in a day of logging in).

2. There should be additional factor when evaluating amount of points given for a single post, based on current points on users account. The point distribution algorithm should take this factor into account when distributing points for a post on a forum, by multiplying the current result by this factors value (m).
For example:
User Points m value
-10 1.5
0 1.3
10 1
20 0.9
40 0.7

This would allow people whose accounts are generaly active but for some reasons they dont post so often on forum to recuperate from negative points quicker.

From the other hand, people who would like to obtain as many points as possible should have a harder task - because they can be absent for some time.

What do you think about it?
Inflations, Inflations, Inflations and then it's just good for wiping your arse.
If you make it easy to obtain points, Then it becomes worthless and when it becomes worthless it's just less of an incentive to be here. Sure it's a great community but not everyone works for free and whats the use of working for something you can get in half the time of work. A simple avatar can cost 5 FRIH$ which is affordable and well worth the effort, But if there are inflations, Ask yourself, Is it worth working for something you can get in half the time without working?
I do not quite understand your inflations argument.
The changes I am proposing don't induce any inflation. The changes wont make obtaining points easier.


Ad 1) There can be a small banner with ads on admin console login screen and on the bottom of administrative page. So - people who navigate the admin panel very often would see the ads, and thus: they could be awarded with extra points for that (I suggested adding +0.5, because 'netto' they would loose 0.5 point daily, instead of -1.)

Ad 2). Lets assume you have a field of ee..some vegetables..and you can harvest 100 kg of something from it. You want to harvest more, so you use some fertilizers, and next year you harvest 110. To further increase, you have to invest more into fertilizers, herbicides etc. and the results (amount harvested) would be smaller for each investment (and assume that all investments have the same cost). So - 119 instead of 120, 127 instead of 130 etc. You see, fields have natural boundaries - you cannot increase harvested amount to infinity. And so has Frihost - you cannot have more than 45 points, so instead of making this unjust reset for people who 'earned' 1xx points in a day. you could make that each new point require additional effort. It is easier to obtain points in the beginning, but more difficult - when you want to have more amount.
Of course, everything depends on this 'm' values I mentioned in the previous post.
Oh my god, this is such a useless suggestion; can we not leave well enough alone?
It's interesting.
But the problem is that:
1. The users who are hyperactive will continue to gain points, and so we'll have to set a limit some time. Imagine I get about 200 points... I can stay away from Frihost for more than 7 months then.
2. The users who aren't interested in the forums will just find it much easier to avoid posting. They'll login once in a blue moon, post away, and then never bother to login for a long time.
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