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Need help with php

Hi guys, I've just started learning how to use php and I'm still blur about it actually. So I'm hoping that someone will be willing to help me. I wan to build a website for my English Club. Just a simple one with online bulletin, image gallery, forum and contact as well as feedback form. May I know what I need for the website?It's very urgent
All those things you want are available for free as an extern service.

You have to be good at php, to make an image gallery.
I could only create one, with 2 folders: "thumbs" and "images".
Then you save the image to "images" and create a thumb from it. Save this thumb to "thumbs" using the same name. This is quite easy, if you know how to explore directories.

For a Forum you need to be an expert in coding php. So I suppose using phpbb.

The easiest things are contactforms and so on. You may only need to be good at html to create a form. To send a mail or write it in a file you'll need php. But realizing such a script is a simle task.

I don't know, what bulletin is, so I can't give you information about that.
If you need php codes (eg. a mailform or my image-gallery) just ask me.

"I could only create one, with 2 folders: "thumbs" and "images".
Then you save the image to "images" and create a thumb from it. Save this thumb to "thumbs" using the same name. This is quite easy, if you know how to explore directories"
What do you mean by the above?u mean i upload the images to my folder of images in my web hosting? And how do i create a thumb from the images? I tried using phpBB for the forum, I uploaded all the files in the folder to my folder but I don't know how to install it. Any idea?can you teach me how to install the forum? A bulletin is just like a message board where you display the latest happenings or events to inform other people. it is usually visible on the main page, so that whenever people access the webpage, they will know what latest events are happening.
Well. I think you have FTP-Access to your server. So you can create subdirectories.
Create on named "images" and one named "thumbs".
Upload all your images, you want to show in the gallery to the "images"-folder. You can create thumbs by making the images smaller.
For example your originally picture is 1024x768 px.
Then you can create a thumb, which is 102x77 px.
Or any other dimensions. But: Imagewidth / Imageheight has always to be Thumbwidth / Thumbheight or the thumbs will be distorted.
I've written a script, which creates a gallery from the thumbs in the folder "thumbs" and creates a link to the "real" big images in the other folder.
You can use this script and edit it how you like it.

You got a subfolder named "phpbb" or "forum" or something like that.
Open it in webbrowser. For example:

Then when you uploaded it right, a form will appear asking you for database access and Administrator accessdata.
You will need a MySQL database on the server.
Enter the username and the password for the db into that form.
Then click on the button above.
Open your FTP-Client and rename the folder "contrib" and "install" into "_contrib" and "_install". Phpbb says you should delete them, but you never know, if you need them sometime. So let them on the server and when you need just rename it back.

I think only you as admin want to be able to post news.
So i can write another script, that's very easy to. You just need a textfile, and a script which writes the latest news on the top of the file, without deleting lines among.

Gimme just a little time and i'll write scripts for you.
If you have further problems with installing phpbb, give me your websiteadress and i will do it for you.
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