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Microsoft with yahoo

Couresy Google News:
Yahoo and Microsoft will open up their instant-messaging networks to each other early today in a limited public test, and executives signaled that the Internet giants are exploring additional ways to cooperate.The move is likely to be welcomed by people who will no longer have to maintain multiple buddy lists or switch between Microsoft and Yahoo to chat online with friends and business associates.It also puts pressure on the leader in instant messaging, AOL, which could lose users to the Yahoo-Microsoft network.Yahoo and Microsoft first announced that they would be making the technical changes necessary to create an interoperable IM network in October. On Wednesday they indicated that they are considering cooperating on other services as well, although they wouldn't discuss specifics."We have all kinds of possibilities that we are not prepared to talk about,'' said Blake Irving, a corporate vice president at Microsoft, during a conference call with Brad Garlinghouse, his counterpart at Yahoo, and the Mercury News.Earlier this year, Yahoo rebuffed an offer by Microsoft to buy a stake in Yahoo's Internet search business."To be honest, Microsoft needs Yahoo probably more than Yahoo needs Microsoft,'' said Joe Wilcox, an analyst at Jupiter Research. While Microsoft has been investing in online services, revenue for the MSN unit fell during the last quarter, while Yahoo's ad revenue grew 35 percent and Google's grew 79 percent.Wilcox said a Microsoft user could conceivably chat with a friend on Yahoo, view the friend's photos on Yahoo's Flickr site and listen to a song on Yahoo's music site -- all the while viewing advertising, whose proceeds could be shared between Microsoft and Yahoo. ``There's lots of ways you can construct this,'' Wilcox said.
In May, Yahoo announced a major alliance with eBay that opened up the online marketplace to Yahoo ads. In exchange, Yahoo said it would adopt eBay's PayPal payment service as the online wallet for Yahoo sites.Initially, the new open messaging networks will be offered to users of the latest version of Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger in what is being described as a limited "beta'' test to make sure the networks can handle the combined load of 350 million accounts worldwide.
"We are going to watch our service run very, very carefully while we roll it out,'' Irving said."We are going to make sure quality is first and volume is second.''Users of the open network will be able to exchange instant messages, see if their friends are online, share emoticons and add new contacts from either service. In the future, they will also be able to call each other on Internet phones, the executives said.According to Nielsen//Netratings, a market intelligence firm, Microsoft's MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger were the second-biggest instant messaging services in the United States with a combined 28 million users last month. AOL ranked first with 47 million users and Yahoo ranked third with 22 million users.Google's Google Talk, which is based on an open standard, has only a fraction of the users, 811,000, of the top three IM companies.

Hey friends i think they are going to make a huge revolution in the web world.We shall wait and see what is gonna happen..........
I think a deal like this is way overdue. I remember the IM wars several years ago when AOL kept changing their configuration to prevent Microsoft and Yahoo from accessing the AOL IM network. I am surprised it took so long for this to come up again. Why should people be forced to use multiple IM clients to communicate with others? Some people like the features of Messenger. Others like Yahoo and even others like AOL. I am sure some features will not work globally but at least the basic functionality should work.
Lol, can't wait to see this and have a good laugh.
How hard can it be? Should be no problem for either of them technically, but it will make a big difference to most of us Very Happy
That's of no great meaning. MS and Yahoo! have different customer groups, they are not likely to go with each other very often. That is only a propoganda event. The background reason i suppose is even to discover.

For example, the merge of the two... hehe.
It's a wise move!
I'm still wondering if AOL is still the leader in instant messaging as it's mensioned in the qouted news. I personlly have never used it.
That's actually a good idea - I know a lot of friends who use MSN and YIM, and it's easy to get confused as to who is where.

I like it.
I was pretty excited when i saw that message in my Yahoo messenger. I tried it with couple of my friends but it seems it is not working. I think its still under going some major development or testing phase. Later some day i got another mail from msn stating that you should sign up for that service. I signed up and it showed up some message saying you-are-in-now.
Suddenly today i got a message in yahoo messenger that one msn account was online but still it didnt show online.

However i have been getting offline messages from one to another.
I dont know whether this is a version mismatch problem or something else.
I hope this will be fixed soon.

Please let me know if anything new has happened, or anything is missing here with me. I am using Windows Live MSN 8.0 and Yahoo Messenger with voice 8.0
I also see my MSN Live user id in the yahoo as online. Sent messages are not being delivered instantly. I can get those once i log off and re log in.
Well it's about time this happens, I have to sign up for a MSN and Yahoo account just to be able to chat to friends with accounts on one or the others network. Now I just hope they also include AOL later on.
I think, briefly they want to stop google. This is the underlying reason microsoft and yahoo agreement.
It will be great if all the IMs in the world are intergrated in only one software, without any extra setting.

It's annoying to open several IM software to speak to different friend using diferent IM software.
A markerting strategy for both organizations to level up the increasing growth of Google (just a thought).

I can't imagine how the boths IMs will collaborate with each other. Question
Well, I am participating in the beta program, using the Yahoo! client. I have one friend in the MSN network who I chat with and I can see the improvements in the usage already. They seem to be improving the networks every day. You never know...
mattchun wrote:
It will be great if all the IMs in the world are intergrated in only one software, without any extra setting.

It's annoying to open several IM software to speak to different friend using diferent IM software.

To diversify a little from the subject, and to help this chap out...

You could try using GAIM.

I've been using it for over a year, and I've had no problems with it at all.
The advantage is that as well as your MS and YIM users, you can also be logged on as several users at once, which is handy for those of us that have multiple YIM logins.

I'd highly recommend it.
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