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Nintento Wii

Hey all

I've just latly heard of the nintendo Wii.
The machine has wireless controls, has new emulator for old systems(gba, etc...), and is small.

The wireless controls really amaze me because it acts as a handle of anything, eg in a game of golf, it's your golf club. another exaple, in zelda(3d) it'll be your sword. I if it absolutly amazing never thought nintendo would come up with it first.

Another cool thing is it has a emulator built in for all nintendo systems. So you plug in your mem card and select the nintendo game you wana play. this make the Wii awesome for people who wana play old games without changing machines.

The nintendo Wii is more console then computer, which is good because xbox and ps3 are all just beefed up comps.

It has a good price tag too some where around $200-$300, it won't be like ps3 $600

I'm a comp lover and this is the first console i'm thinking of getting because it's diff.
haha. this sounds like a comercial.
i realy want a wii too, but i probably won't get in till next year. why? i just don't have the money. well, i sorta do, but what would you pick if you had to choose between the wii and one game and like 10 new DS games? Laughing
I so can't wait to get the Nintendo Wii. It's just so cool. And the idea behind it, controlling everything with your joystick, like a little remotestick, and it follows your movement. Must be freaking awesome when you're playing Zelda, to hack and slash with your remote Very Happy
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