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computer case moding

hey all i have moded my first comp case
it looks shit, nah looks ok, i'll load some picture later.
But i'll tell you i was hard work cuting a window in the case, esp when it the radioactive sign :S
The case is red, and glow bright radioactive green.
When the lights in my room go out and i turn the lights to flash it looks like a radioactive glowing thing(can't think of a better way to say it).
I brought some funny clear glass stickers and stuck on some signs on the non window side(they don't look good too many bubbles after you stick down with none in, maybe just case prob).
On the front i stuck a nice green fran control and light switch, it has 2 super bright leds in it(blinding).

I plan to mod a second case, but with as like case cutting. It'll have random comp chips stuck on it, then aluminium sheets over some areas on the side, from my 3d drawing it looks awesome. The front will be the same, but i'll hide the drives(requires some skill). I also plan to have a rectangle plate on it with a tag name and a blue glow around it. 2 laser lights will point onto the plate making it look awesome.

This has been a new hobby for me since the hols.

anyone else moded a case????
havnt done it yet but i know people who have...ive got a friend with basically an all clear case...just windows on all sides except the bottom and front (its a desktop case) next time i see it ill get pictures
mine is modded with some blue leds and a face on the front with glowing eyes. Then i have six fans inside to keep everything nice and cool.
I'd love to case-mod. I already build my own computers. But I never think up an idea that I like well enough to actually do it. I've seen some terrifically creative mods, both online and in mags like Maximum PC, which devotes a section to case modding every month.
Sounds interesting, make sure you get those pics up for us to look at. Wink

I build a lot of PCs for friends but have never gotten into case modding. Maybe if I had more spare time it would be something I could get into.
OK ... that's great topic.. I've never mode a case myself but friend of mine has quite of experience doing that kind of stuff... Nobody posted pics yet... then I'm gonna put 2 of my friend's PC... the pics are from the old 2005.... from a LAN party... Put some pics people. Let's see the beauty that you all make Wink
I mod all the time. I stopped because I ran out of money though. Sad

What tools did you use to mod the case? Dremel?
I haven't modded any of my computer cases. That looks like a great case above! I think it just inspired me to mod my own. Razz
Someone asked for pictures from Maximum PC, so here's a couple at random.

Wow! This is pretty cool. I wish i could do stuff like this!
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