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new site. need advice.

well im just starting a new webpage. its gonna be called eyes and ears. the main idea behind it is to give a non-bias opinion on the goings on in the various topics of interest from world news to technology. and i would just say what i think.

thingh is im not exactly sure the best way to go about setting up the layout and overall design of the page. i have gVim and photoshop cs2(very noob in this program)

any help/guidance would be great. thanks
For some basic website guidance, search google for W3C tutorials, and then choose html or css, which even if you're not coding your site by hand, will help you in the long run.

You can also go into directadmin >> fantastico for a ready made site. Then at fantastico, install either a CMS such as PHPnuke or a blog such as wordpress, then skin it at will.

Hope that helps.
thanks for the advice. but im still unclear as to what to do. i wanted to test out php nuke but i cant figure out how to install it. if anyone can direct me that would be great. or reccomend another software that i could use that you like.
Perhaps if you started by narrowing down your topic, you would be able to better discover a design idea. Right now, it doesn't seem like your idea is fleshed out enough to offer ideas on what the site should look like. You want it to be non-biased, yet you also are going to "just say what you think" will it be both? Maybe in a forum setting? Or perhaps better suited to a blog with comments at the end?

As for the subject, world news to technology, that is a lot of ground to cover. Perhaps if you narrowed it down to something specific in just one category, a design solution will present itself.

Good luck with your endeavors and let us know how it turns out!
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