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Do you know any german Singers ?

I want to know how populargerman music artists are in other countrys, especially in english countrys.
Please post some german music artists, that you know.
Thanks Wink
I don't know German singer, but you have good metal bands :
Disbelief, Necrophagist, kreator, Caliban...
oomph, rammstein, juli and nine inch nails
Caxius wrote:
oomph, rammstein, juli and nine inch nails

da NIN guys are german? wooow..

anyways Rammstein is really popular here also KMFDM
Yes,i know german singer.His name is Bushido.He is king rapper
I know some bands like: KMFDM. And Nine Inch Nails (I don´t Knew they´re Germans), and Nina by the 80´s (She Sings "99 Luft Baloons)
get Rammstein they are good my favorite songs by them are ich will, and mutter. if u want one that has some english in it get amerika
slipknot emo and others are my fav
rammstein and scorpions eahh they are german.....but they sing their songs in english
Scorpions, Zeno, Uli J. Roth, Blind Guardian... and surely a few more i can't remember now.
Great musicians from Germany. Applause
I know two groups. Rammstein and Emprium. Emprium is very melancholic. And Rammstein is very popular...
Hummm, I'm from chile, in Southamerica.
German singers? humm, here is Ramstein, and I don't know another.

But ramstein is good, at least his music, a mix of industrial rock and sinthetizers.
About the lyrics I don't know, I know english but not german, and I don't got time for search translations.
German Singers... yes a few... (but I don't think the ones I know are in the same genre as the ones mentioned so far)

Herman Prey
Dietrich Fischer-Diskau

ahh... and now I have a mental blank.. I'm trying to remember the name of a German tenor famous for his lieder work... oh well, I might remember later.

I seem to know more Italian singers come to think of it...
I Know:

- Helloween - Michael Kiske ("Andi" Deris)
- GammaRay - Kai Hansen
- Blind Guardian - Hansi Kürsch Very Happy
- Edguy - Tobias Sammet
- Avantasia
- At Vance
- Freedom Call
- Heavens Gate
- Rage
- Running Wild Rolling Eyes
- Primal Fear
- Hammerfall
- MasterPlan
- Metalium
- Tankard
- Nostradameus
- Scorpions
- Rammstein
- Lacrimosa
- Modern Talking
- Kraftwerk Very Happy

Here is a germany band`s list:

yes! I love power ("Happy") Metal Smile
Lacrimosa all the way!!!! Laughing Laughing Laughing
Max raabe and palastorchester is very funny!

They do remix like britney spears!!

You must be listen to!
Sorry if this is redundant but Rammstein is a pretty good band. They reuse some rhyme schemes a lot, but they work it good.
Mrs Lycos
Hey I know an extremely good German band: Bloodflowerz. The music and the lyrics are awsome, it's a kind of gothic or melancholic rock. They sing in English, though.
Well the only music artists I know are Heino, Herbert Gronemeyer and Nena with "99 Luftballons".. or something like that. And afcourse the famous DJ Speed.
I know of a new band coming out that is german music. I will get you more information when there site is up.
CaNn!Bal wrote:
I want to know how populargerman music artists are in other countrys, especially in english countrys.
Please post some german music artists, that you know.
Thanks Wink

Have a listen to 2Raum Wohnung

Excellent german stuff
Rammstein , The schnappi girl "grutmann or something" , Cygnus X???, Dj visage ,DJ Otzi??? ,Sarah Conner??,Paul van dyk??
OK I just have to throw this out

Nine Inch Nails is not German. Some current members may be German, but Trent Reznor, is American. He started the band himself in a farmhouse with a sampler, and continued to do solo work on all of his albums up until like The Fragile. Of course for concerts, he had a show band with him.

*The more you know*

German bands I know: several.
Ones that stand out to me currently: Das Ich, Schund, Glueams
rammenstein is the only german i think i no.

i reeally like them, but doubt i wud like many othere bands, im not a fan of music with the singing in a different language, i like to sing along to it!
I enjoy listening to Haggard.
It's a german metal band Smile
rammstein is VERY popular in my area.
The only German singer I know is Nena, but that was a LONG time ago. Otherwise, I know some German groups or musicians, such as Kraftwerk (whom I don't really like that much), Tangerine Dream (who are my favourite group), and Klause Schulze (formerly of Tangerine Dream).

Of course, none of the above takes into account Bach, Beethoven, Buxtehude, et al., whom I also enjoy.
Rammstein and Masterplan, as I can recall stright now...Though the vocalist in Masterplan is Norwegian...
Nina Hagen ofcourse!
Klaus Nomi, Kraftwerk, Falco, Marc Almond, New Days Delay, Wir Sind Helden, Udo Lindenberg, Oomph and Rozenstolz...
i only know rammstein
Max raabe and palastorchester is very funny!

he sings like he had a stick you his a***
but he's hilarious Very Happy

and by the way: the only constant member of nine inch nails is trent reznor, and ha was born in pennsylvania, usa Shocked
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