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Pirate of the Caribbean III:At World's End


I know Pirates of the Caribbean II(PotCII) was just released (and I haven't seen it, so keep your spoilers to yourselves, meatbags), but there's buzz already about PotCIII. This is probably because they started filming PotCIII right after they finished filming PotCII.

Unfortunately, they had to stop shooting temporarily because several of the cast members suffered from fatigue and got sick.

BUT, there are serveral articles talking about PotCIII and they do contain some minor spoilers, but it's early in the filming, so they might not pan out.

Anybody else hear or read anything about this?

Welcome to the Caribbean , luv.
ylmun wrote:
BUT, there are serveral articles talking about PotCIII and they do contain some minor spoilers, but it's early in the filming, so they might not pan out.

Actually II & III were filming simultaneously. And I believe III would be in the can already if it wasn't for hurricane season. The third installment is due out next May, so I'm fairly sure they've got at least 50% of the filming shot by now.

Also, there was a 56-page leaked partial script floating around on the internet a week ago or so. I don't think anyone has verified the veracity of the thing, but it did seem to fit the story and characters. Of course rumour has it that it isn't a shooting script, so there may be quite a few changes.
Well, by watching the PoTII You can figure that a third one will come out,
though, I think no one can say, for sure, that the name and plot that appears in sevral sites are accurate...

I'm not in a rush, I'll wait, it took them time to do the DMC and it came out beautifully, so, Shall they keep up the fantastic work they have been doung in the first two Smile
I still havent seen the now PotC but I look forward to seeing both. The first movie is one of my favorite movies.. I suppose i just really like that era in time... and pirates. Arrr!
If this is true, I will be really happy, it's just like "matrix". this movie will be in my collections sooner or later.
They are trying to make a classic series with the trilogy. Anybody who makes a trilogy becomes a prt of history and unparalled stardom. I t also mean that you were able to churn out not one but three movies in the same flavour yet hold the audience and kept them coming back.

A trilogy is always spl, remm arnie doin T3 just for the sake if it? All said and done, POTC III also seems to be a rocker and could well be counted with the indiana jones series of adventure movies!
mayur wrote:
A trilogy is always spl, remm arnie doin T3 just for the sake if it?

I don't know about you, but if by "spl" you mean "special", then IMO T3 was only "special" in the way "special ed" is special. I thought it was a waste of my moviegoing money. Laughing

but don't worry, I heard there's a T4 being made, if you can believe it.

And someone mentioned the matrix. That was another series that was made, um, "special" by it's third installment....e-"special"-ly bad, that is.

Haven't watched teh 1st POTC yet Razz...
good 4 da fans i guez...
ylmun wrote:
mayur wrote:
A trilogy is always spl, remm arnie doin T3 just for the sake if it?

I don't know about you, but if by "spl" you mean "special", then IMO T3 was only "special" in the way "special ed" is special. I thought it was a waste of my moviegoing money. Laughing

but don't worry, I heard there's a T4 being made, if you can believe it.

And someone mentioned the matrix. That was another series that was made, um, "special" by it's third installment....e-"special"-ly bad, that is.


the problem is that when you have something going on and then you gotta live up to the expectations. You also want to end it and that results in a hash.

valid points bout t-3 and matrix-revolutions, but then when you compare them to the crap that is being dished out in theatres each week, they were certainly better...
Well to me, 2 nd movie is not good as the first one. i hope 3 one will be better then 2 one.
i saw... this is perfect..
So they are making a third one. Nice i still have to see te second one though. But I can't wait for the third one to come out now.
Wel yea If you see the second one, which many havent yet, its a dead give away that they are gonna do a 3rd. It was an odd ending to a movie, but since the sequel is around the corner I guess it's cool lol.
What is POTC?

EDIT: Nevermind Pirates of the Carribean. Silly me Rolling Eyes
This might turn into one of the better trilogies in the last ten or twenty years, when all is said and done. How sad is that!
I think it's one of the films/film triologies that most everyone likes. Some people will love them, some people will enjoy them, but few will really dislike them or find them vacuous
I haven't seen POTC2 yet, but I'm going to see it soon. I hope POTC3 will be a good movie too, I hope that they take the time shooting the film, shooting 2 films at the same time is pretty intensive.
I really like the first POTC movie. In Disneyland, Paris there is an attraction called Pirates of the Carribean. In the attraction you're sitting in a small boat and you see all kinds of things. In the first POTC movie, I regocnized a few things which you can also see in the Dinsey attraction. Like Jack Sparrow trying to lure the dog with the keys of his cell, and the skeleton drinking some wine (or something else) and you'll see the wine flowing in it's skeleton.
i liked both the first and second movies. The second one kinda made me angry because of the HUGE cliffhanger, so i'm definitly waiting for this one to come out.
I cant wait for the thrid movie. The ending on the second makes the wait nearly unbearable
hmmmmmmm.............. i dont know if thats a good idea.... the second one was okay but i dont know if they could still keep following through on a thirsd one.... well, if they do good i guess people would like it but i dont know....

Couldn't stand the wide open ending of the second installment either, but i do agree that this is one of the most exciting trilogys of the last couple of years. Plus the fact that it single-handedly resurrected the pirate-movie genre. Arr!
The second one almost seemed like just a setup to the 3rd movie, and the 2nd one was still pretty good. The 3rd one should be excellent.
I personally hope they keep it at 3 movies, and dont go on any further. I thought both the films were great, really looking foward to the third Smile. I think anymore than a classic trilogy will ruin it.
I can't wait until the third movie! I don't like how the concluded the second film because it just made me want to see the third right then and there!
I heard the same thing, That the 2nd was a dissapointment cause it's just a lead up to the third movie. I only watched bits of the first one so i may just watch them both just before the 3rd one comes out, so it's fresh in my mind when I watch three
Hmm, the first one in my opinion was alright. The second one I watched parts of, but the third one will never be as good as the others. I wish directors would quit while they are ahead. I won't be going to watch it.
Well, I loved the first one. Johnny Depp is always great and the rest of the cast did their parts very well. The second was ok, in my book, but not nearly as good as the first. The characters seemed a little forced in the second one, and that was a big distraction for me.
Ok, the action scenes in the second one rocked my socks off. But the story? Ugh...shoot me. It was horible. It didn't even make sence. They were going for one things and then completely change direction and go somewhere else. bad story writing! Hope the third one makes up for that. But the action scense were some of the best i've ever seen. I mean they were new and creative. I loved them!
Pirates! I can't wait for this one to come out... hopefully it will live up to the first.. the second was a bit of a letdown - though it was still good.
i wait this is great
I actually liked POTC II more than the first. To me the story made more sense and the ending was great (did I mention I love cliffhangers?). I shall be very interested to see what happens with the third movie, and whether it will live up to expectations.
Yesterday I watched Trailer of the movie Pirates of The Caribbean - At World's End, and boy i cant wait till its coming out. It seems lot better than both first and second movies.
I cant wait for the movie Very Happy

Yesterday I watched Trailer for the new movie and it looks realy good.
i cant wait for the return of Jack Sparrow!!

I have only one thing that i dont understand.... its gonna be keith richards acting?? i didnt saw him in the trailer Confused
i have seen the first one, except for some reason i don't like the look of the second one, seems too unrealistic. but not sure until i've seen it.
the trailer's out? I haven't seen it yet. Must watch. I'm so excited to see this movie. My friend and I have already made plans for this. We really enjoy watching POTC.
Screw Jack sparrow, I'm waiting for Chow Yun-Fat to appear, him and the "guide" at the end of the 2nd movie are the 2 main reasons I'm going to watch this.

Depp always comes across well in a movie, he plays Sparrow brilliantly but it's honestly not that surprising.

Looking forward to seeing what Jacks intro will be this time Smile

and im straight and all but keira knightly's not too bad either. I wouldn't push her out of bed.
Erethakbe wrote:
i cant wait for the return of Jack Sparrow!!

I have only one thing that i dont understand.... its gonna be keith richards acting?? i didnt saw him in the trailer Confused

According to IMDB (and from what I've heard from various publications) he's already cast. He has a rather minor role though, so I wouldn't be surprised that he doesn't appear in a 2-minute trailer.

Lusiphur wrote:
Screw Jack sparrow, I'm waiting for Chow Yun-Fat to appear, him and the "guide" at the end of the 2nd movie are the 2 main reasons I'm going to watch this.

I agree; two of the best/most interesting actors in this installment of the franchise, IMO.
Thus seems like its gonna be an awesome film!
i cannot wait!
Yeah I have a feeling that they must have got all the actors for a three movie deal or something because most of the actors are the same in the first two and from the trailer it looks to be the same for the third as well. I can't wait for it to come out though, will be a good move for sure!
The first two were pretty good i still didn't think that they person who wanted the black pearl was a good choice for helping jack sparrow but he might have changed at least i hope he did i like jack sparrow
Really liked the first one, loved the second one even better and it has me in suspense for the third installment. One of the few movies that I have actually watched them all at the cinemas and I'll definately be seeing the third one on the big screen Smile
i cant wait to see potc 3 it's going to be great and that johnny depp is hella cute!!! this is going to be the best pirates yet. too bad this is going to be the final chapter in the series.
I loved the first two PotC movies and I hope the third will be just as good. I've already seen the trailer for the movie on TV, but it was only once. Is anyone sure about the release date of PotC III at this point? Cant wait to see it...
Hey guys. I can't wait for POC 3 because I loved the first two. Each one had its own charm to it. I loved the action sequences in 2 and the quirky new villain plus the ending of 2 was fantastic. The third one is going to be awesome and it is just around the corner. Brilliant franchise!! I also can't wait for the Xbox 360 game as it looks really promising Smile
I am really excitet to watch this movie. But here in Switzerland the movies everytime come out later^^
I never seen I want to see though, because I seen the first two. I hope it is good, I seen T.V. ads about it and the trailer.
It is possible, that Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is not the last movie, but it is defenitly the last movie for Jonny Depp.

You understand? Razz
Well it got it's UK release last night, I went to see it and.....

.......I would reccomend it to everyone.

Very, very minor spoilers coming up. Only a surprise if you've not seen the 2nd movie or lived under a rock for the last 6 months.

You've been warned.

Very, very funny movie. There are some fantastically surreal moment ("Sea turtles" ftw), the boat to boat action scenes are top notch, and the movie goes in a direction that I was really not expecting (even if the ending becomes obvious in the build up to it).

Acting wise the movie is superb, Keira Nightly (sp?) actually excells in this movie, she has a more powerful role and it suits her.

Mr Depp is back in the spot light, performing to his usual brilliance. It's almost like he was made for this role. Orlando Bloom still annoys me, but that's personal thing.

Chow-Yun Fat, Barbosa (forgot his name Razz) and Keith Richards are great in this. Their characters are excellent, and they make great pirates.

Long story short, go see this movie, it's great. Savvy?
watched it yesterday with my friends and oh my god.. it's awesome! watch it people. but I think I like PoTC2 more though, not sure.

just a reminder: finish watching the credits.
this film is great, It has many action scenes and it's funny
A very entertaining and funny movie! Jack Sparrow and the monkey is the reason why you should see this movie! Orlando Bloom / Will Turner is booring and charmless as usual. I do not understand what Elisabeth sees in him!

The previous two movies I had completelly forgotten, so I had to catch up with summaries from wikipedia before I got to the movies :)

I saw two movies last night Pirates and Spider-man 3. I'm glad we saw the best one at the end!

Pirates 4? I will only see that one if Johnny Depp is in it!
^ Is there any news about another Pirates movie? Because the Pirates 3 ending sure seemed like there's another sequel. If there is, I will definitely watch it. Jack Sparrow ftw~
Just saw it yesterday and it was an awesome conclusion to the story. Very well done with all the elements that make the Pirates movies great.

OMG, SO GREAT! First of all, this was probably my favorite of the three, it had me engrossed from beginning to end, and THANK GOD, for once, I was satisfied with the ending. Tragic and happy at the same time. Not romance novel, and not Shakespearian tragedy. I mean, Will's still alive, but he only gets to see Elizabeth once in 10 years. On a tangent, I loved how they made Will the new Davy Jones, even though I knew it was coming. (BTW, where did Elizabeth get such a great dress on a barren island anyway?)And the tie in with the classical fool's errand at the end, like the beginniong of the first. Actually, I just loved how they brought back old favorites (like Scarlett and Giselle, the prostitutes) and tied things up nicely with enough wondering.

GAH! Stupid Desi. She just informed me there might be a fourth one, even I thought it was over, since they haven't signed for another. It better be over. I LOVED the ending. Apprently other people want it to continue. Grrr. They're at their creative peaks! But I digress.

I loved the complexity of this movie, all the woven plotlines and betrayals. Amittedly, it could be a bit hard to follow at times, but I thought that it wasn't too bad. The idea of the end of the era and the last stand and such. (Speaking of which, even though I hated Beckett, but it was nice that he did the "going down with my ship, absolve me of my sins" thing at the end.) I wasn't really that big of a fan of the Calypso plotline, it seemed a bit random, though it did provide a lovely history of Tia Dalma.

The humor was spot on, as always. LOVE the childishness of Barbosa and Jack. Aww, poor Barbosa, how many times did he have to roll his eyes? <3 Actually, remarkbly, he probably did the least betraying of all in this film. Razz Also, who can resist the multiple Jacks? And the wedding scene was touching, hilarious, and action-packed at the same time!

Speaking of, the action was AMAZING. I mean, wow. Totally rocking. Which brings me to my biggest fangirling, the crew of the movie.


SPECIAL EFFECTS- These guys deserve so many kudos. They were absolutely stupednous, especially with all the water scenes they had to do, like the maelstrom.

SET DESIGNERS- entire cities, damnit! Barnacle filled ships! HUZZAH!

WARDROBE- loved the costumes in this movie, especially all the Pirate Lords. even if they do remind me of drug lords. but rock on. and that guys voice. *sniggle*

MUSIC- zimmers is love.

DIRECTION- AMAZING opening scenes.

So all, in all, YAY POTC 3!!!! <3333

And RIP Norrington, I always liked you. *pats headstone*

</fangirling and disorganization>

OH! and the spy glass battle! Very Happy
man this movie was confusing

at one stage i didnt know what the hell was going on...and i still dont know what the main plot was...

was it about will saving his father?
or was it about finally getting rid of davey jones?
or was it about getting rid of all the pirates in the world?

not to mention all the cornyness in the movie...

1. kiera doing the motivational speech on the boat as the king of pirates
2. getting married during the fight

god that speech made me cringe

my tip.

if you havent seen it yet, wait for the dvd (xvid)
fbcompany, i agree about the cornyness, especially the speech, I rolled my eyes when that happened.

But overall, a very entertaining movie, I really liked it even though I hadn´t seen the 2nd one yet. Its a fun way to spend 3 hours, and then you forget about it afterwards. But yeah, there kind of has to be a 4th one, though I feel they should have stopped at 3 (I guess that amount of money is too much to stop making the movies).

Will never watch it again (its soooo long, and there aren´t any really memorable scenes....well, maybe Keira Knightly on the beach, but that´s about it), but it was a fun movie.
I just saw the third one and it was amazing.

The action and the comedy was entwined superbly. I really like the POC series.

Unfortunately, Will (Orlando Bloom) becomes the Dutchman's Captain. That's just too bad.
I saw this one last week, I loved it, for me it was a bit confusing though, but I didn't see the 2nd.
Jack shooting other Jacks was just GREAT!
Oh yeah! This movie was great! I thought it was a fitting end(?) to the trilogy.

I loved Johnny Depp (but I always love everything he acts in) and I thought the movie was splendid. It's immensely different than the first two, in that this one is astronomically more epic, but it's still awesome.

Hope you all go see it!
i see it & its great work & production
Digital Thoth
Personally, I think they should keep making movies, until everyone gets tired of seeing them. Or the actors get tired of making them. Hell, it's a great series, and I don't want to see it go!

Star wars got six, I want -my- generation's six.
I did not like the third one. It was totally pointless and didn't have very many laughs... And it went on forever. In the end, I didn't even care what would happen next anymore..
Loved this film: It's a good example of a triolgy which hasn't managed to wreck itself... it's a rarity these days in my opinion. I thought the whole movie was epic and maybe even as good as the first one. Enjoyed every minute of it... hope there's a 4th but only if they are going to be extremely careful with it! Very Happy
I have not seen previous parts of this movie. I really loved Jack Sparrow. And Knightly was wow in the movie. I hope they come up with next part early.
I have seen it and I dint like it as much as the first or even the second one. So many Jack Sparrows but just too little of him. The story was ok but it just was not thrilling or action packed enough. THe climactic fight was awesomely shot though.
But now that it is over, gotta give credit to these guys for entertaining us so well.. especially Johnny Depp.
good film but I reckon the marriage scene on the ship was pretty lame Twisted Evil Twisted Evil .
I never really saw the second one...First I was like....the second came out? And then the Third?

I thought it was really fast when the third one came out, now I don't really know what's it about. Too many sequels if you ask me, I don't even really like the movie.
Was just too good. Jack Sparrow rules.
i loved it!
I couldn't really get into the movie. Kinda long for me. But it had some good scenes, and The Girl from Domino is pretty hot.
I just saw this movie last night and I find it the best installment than of parts 1 and 2, this is the best part so far. I think I have to watch it again if a have free time. Wink
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