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All the metal wich kicks you!

What music is better?
Hip Hop/rap/tecno...
 0%  [ 0 ]
 95%  [ 20 ]
My grandmas national music
 4%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 21

i wont to know how much metallers are here in this forum, i am 1 of the metal freaks, i hear from boehse onkels to dimmu borgir all of the bad music!

no chance 4 hip hop ore other lower music

metal lives to kill hip hop!

i can live with all the hip hopers, but i want to know who is more!

damn straight.. can't stand hip hop or rap in most cases. there are a few rap groups out there who actually do something with the music so i find that bearable, but the majority of it is just monotonous dribble
Strange poll. People who listen to hip hop will say that hip hop is the best, and those who listen metal (me Smile) will say that metal is the best.
i cant stand Hip Hop and Rap.
I'm more into metal and Rock music. Oh yeh, and ofcouse my grandmas national music Cool lol joking Laughing
i can't stand hip hop either. it's such a sellout. Metal rulez, but metal is almost dead sadly.
Some people will say that metal is "dead"...then i must say not really

I live in germany(bayern)
its 4 or 5 jears ago, when i became a metal freak and, at that time, i could say only the old people listen rock/metal, but now i must say the scene of metal is growing up very fast, also in much of music stores or TV shows you can see much more metal then 4/5 jears ago.
(in germany)

how is it in your country(i think england america)
i think in america the most people prefer hip hop, from there it comes from.(or not?)

i think not so:
metal is true
hip hop is false
but i think so:
metal is one unit(without few people who rebell) and hip hop singers are most pleased people, who want to warn the othe people, who hear there music, from a bad live and they want to help them to dont build a ghetto..

but most of the people who hear the singers, they dont understand the textes all right and are builting there ghettos and they want to fight against themself, and that is not right

and now to he community:
the hip hopers want to fight against themself and all the other people who only watched them ore thinking on them ore other things. they dont have ffeelings love etc.

metaller community is the best community i ever heared and tryed!
they dont ****** off people who are new in the scene, they can feel love ore something more, and they are one unit

when you fight on the street:
when hip hopers want to fight, they need minimum 20 people and 2 against them including that more then the half run away and fear.

the metallers, how much ever they are, want to help the people who are with them, when we know that we loose, we dont run away, we dont let one of us back.
and the most time we are looking for a conversation with the other side..(but most they dont want to)

it was long..but needed
Metal and grind rules !!! Wink
just one thing, Techno is put with rap...
hardcore techno kicks too : listen to The Berzerker
and you will understand what I mean ( this is one of the most brutal
band in the world I think... ), and try moshpit too ( ).

stay brutal !
and keep da grind alive !!!
Metal is real, most hip hop today is not. They just makes stuff to make money, I wont even call some of it music. So that makes the choise quite simple...Laughing
But indeed, that poll is not very not-so-into-metal friendly, but that does not really bother me, so anyway.
prototype_angel wrote:
i can't stand hip hop either. it's such a sellout. Metal rulez, but metal is almost dead sadly.

Me too. Hip-hop is just disgusting to me. Usually I like to listen to trance music, but thanks to my boyfriend, I started to listen metal/rock. And started to like Black Sabbath, Shaaman, Angra and a little Iron Maiden too... Razz But he doesn't like to listen to the musics that I like. Mad
I listen alot to different kinds of metal. Mostly power metal, but some death metal is ok as well. As long as theres no satanic lyrics involved. And theres always that in black metal so i dont like that either, but thats not only because of the lyrics.
Meh, let everyone choose what they want to listen to for themselves. I don't like hiphop at all because a lot of it is just crap.

Yes I'm a metalhead Cool
Maiden all the way...

Anyway, everyone should find his own taste in music. Whether it's hearing the birds singing or grindcore metal Razz
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