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Things That Couple Do!!

Hei, please tell us what couple should do in their/your daily life. For example, couple should dating everyday? eat together, study together...or just tell us what you do with your beloved.
well making a meal together is a great way to spend time with eachother. buying the food. preparing the food. cooking the food. and then sitting down and enjoying the meal together feels great because you both put time into it, sharing the experience.
I think that if they need a manual for this its not really a happy couple in the first place Smile
Citizen Kane
Dating everyday? hell yeah, if you live together than I should definately date everyday!!

Sounds weird but I think this would actually make a relationship less ordinairy. Some couples are so stuck in their everyday life toghether that they even forget they have a relationship together. Or forget to have fun!
Give her a call everynight, telling her that you cant wait to see her the next day.. seems like it's never ending.. and of coz, end the conversation with a sweet dreams and "i love you", letting her know that u always love her EvErYdAy..
you just need to be honest with her everyday. tell what you really feel, if you need to catch lines like "I will hook the stars blah blah blah.. " and you feel saying it then say it. my gf and i is going 4 years now, and we are working on a long distance relationship. its hard but distance never keep us apart. just communication. thats the point.
I would say don't sepnd all of your time with her. You should be with her more often than with other people, ecspecially other women, but you should also have a life outside of your relationship. Otherwise, things get boring between the two of you since you have done everything already and you don't have time to think of anything else.

I agree with the first one on that making a meal together would be a great idea. Then if it stinks it's both of your faults! Very Happy But seriously, meals are the most ordinary ways to have a date. I still haven't figured out why watching someone else shove food into them is a date idea though.

Another good one is a movie. Tons of couples see movies together, no matter how old they are. I would suggest a horror movie. Wink
One of the main things couples should do is love and trust each other. With these two things, everything will fall into place. You have to trust that other person, know that they will not betray you.

As far as dating, what exactly do you constitute as a date? I don't feel that dating everyday is mandatory. Sometimes I like to have time to myself. If you have children, finding time to have time with just your spouse is important though.
As a couple I don't think it's healthy to do everything and anything together...a bunch of stuff, sure, but try not to ignore other things and people in your life for one person. /wink

But, going out to eat, going to movies, making meals, watching TV...playing video games, doing things outside, all that stuff is great to do with your loved one. Very Happy
Different for every relationship, isn't it! My wife and I do almost everything together. We have to schedule time alone. Very Happy It all depends on the people and what stage the relationship is at, I think.
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