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How To Make Ur GF/BF Love You More?

There is a couple use to be very close and happy together. But after the girl left for 2 months go back to other place and return back after that, the girl act different to her bf. Then the bf feels like the girl change a lot and doesn't love him like before. Then now, he is wondering is there any way to make her girl friend become like before and love him more.

Actually i'm wondering is there any "unbreakable" couple? Is there any couple that love each other and never change their heart until they die?

So, please tell us how you mantain your relationship with your girl friend or boy friend.
theres no such thing as an unbreakable couple. people move on, their feelings change, their attitudes change. if you want someone to love you again, you have to find out what that person really wants in a relationship. you have to find out what would make that person happy. Do things together, show her a good time. if its possible, show her that you are better than anyone else she could possibly be with. thats the true way to make her fall in love with you her that you are the only man for her and she would be crazy to go anywhere else. its all about exclusivity. once you got them, make sure they know they have the best or else there will be straying. word to ya motha
Citizen Kane
How do I make my girlfriend love me more? By expressing my love for her. She then does the same thing, I then do my thing again and so on and so on. An everlasting circle of two people letting eachother know how much they love eachother and how much they are willing to work together.

Gee,... I'm pretty fortunate!! Very Happy Wink
altikris pretty much nailed it.. you actually can't make someone love you.. and people frequently fall in and out of love

the trick is to figure out what the other person really wants and needs.. and hopefully that's the same thing for you.. if it's not, then you're probably wasting your time anyway.. why try to be something you're not in order to please someone else.. eventually you'll end up miserable

however, that doesn't mean you can't do things for your significant other.. do little things frequently to show them that you think of them and listen to them when they say they like something.. that's important.. just PAY ATTENTION to them.. don't smother them, but make them feel needed and valued

but most of all, be honest and sincere.. that's a sign of respect, which is one of the most important things in a relationship
The way for your girl or boy to love you more is just being the way you are when your still courting her him dont make him her to be chocking because of your "LOVE" for her him just be yourself.
As stated earlier, you can't make someone love you. I also feel that if you fall out of love with a person, it wasn't true love anyway. When you really love a person, you understand that that person will change as time goes by, because you will change some also.
yes there ar unbrakeable couples in the world Very Happy the world is pretty BIG , You can make someone love you more its up to god , god chooses the person who is going to love you , Very Happy , its up to the person if they wana love you , you cant make them love you its their own choice =)
Aye...there is no way to make someone love you or ensure that they stay in love with you. People, feelings, situations...they all change, so there is no way to make sure of anything, really. You can help keep people stick by your side by treating them well and appreciating them among a handful of other things. But, some things are out of your control and just happen, even for seemingly no reason.
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