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Anyone here still play this game? I do...especially with all my little modifications heh.. Great game, and I am totally into Oblivion as well.
I don't have Morrowind on Xbox, but I do have Oblivion. Really fun game, except pretty easy to loose interest in if you don't play it 24/7.

Jeah, I still play this game.
I think I can say I'm a real Elder Scrolls fan. I even have a website about it, called teselite. (link is in sig)
We have our own union page at gamespot:

I really love the depth of these games.
Hey I didn't know you could use mods for morrowind on the Xbox,
You should probably try out the Oblivion sequal on the 360 if you can, It is a lot more detail and seems like there are a lot more to do.
I've just started playing it on PC. It's exactly the same game on both formats save for the controls and the addition of a console on the PC version which is handy if you get stuck (I mean literally stuck here).

I love it. It's very easy to get into which is impressive given its scope. There are still a couple of aspects that I don't quite get, but I don't think that they're meant to be applicable to me yet.
I used to play a lot of Morrowind and still have it, but I haven't touched it since I got Oblivion on Xbox360. The main thing I can't stand in Morrowind is the horribly looooong load times. When I used to sit down to play I would load my last saved game and then go grab some snacks then sit back down and it would be barely finishing loading, and no I'm not exaggerating.
My God what a game. Morrowind was my first 'real' RPG, and I've wasted hundreds and hundreds of hours of my life on it.

It's been a looooong time since I've played, but my game was something like this. I had a home in every major city, and most minor ones. My main home is more decked out then any monarchial mansion you'll ever see. I had a really badass enchanted sword as I recall, and less badass swords scattered in my various houses (goldbrand, umbra, etc.). I made the face of a pumpkin with Grand Soul Gems outside of one of my houses in the north east (some telvanni city, dont remember the name). My name is writted in diamonds, rubies, and emeralds in the temple of vivec.

I have a full suit of daedric armor, enchanted I'm pretty sure. I have a daedric shield that's enchanted with a drain life spell, 100 power for like 7 seconds. I also have azuras star, with a golden saint (I think that's what those gold creatures were called) in it. Numerous other daedric artifacts from doing their quests.

I've beaten every quest in the game for every guild, legion, temple, fighters, thieves, hlallu (speling?), redoran, and telvanni. Some of these conflict of course, meaning Ive beaten the game 4 or 5 times.

My last main character also had near 2 million gold (from the scamp, some from the mudcrab). Oh, I also had each stronghold at one point or another with all accompanying missions completed. Note, this was for the Xbox version. I played the PC version a little, not too much though, and modded in a custom house in the side of the mountain, outside of the main gate to Balmora.

None of that is to brag mind you, just to show how much time I spent in the game. I had Oblivion pre-ordered, and have beaten every mission in it since then, only once though. I didn't like Oblivion as well as Morrowind, probably because the concept of TES was so new to me when I played Morrowind.
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