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hi all.I like to go cinema.And I like to watch action films and comedi this mission imposibble,james bond,Jim Carey's films,Ring 1-2 Taxi 1 - 2 - 3 ,King of the heaven, Truva,Bravehearth,Gladiator and...
Unfortunately, I find that nowadays the cinema is far too expensive for me to go on any kind of regular basis.

In the UK you can expect to generally pay around £5 for your ticket.

Want some drink and food? You're gonna be in there for a while so you opt for a large drink and some nachos and you're hit with just short of another £5.

£10 is just a little too steep for me to spend around two hours watching something which may or may not be any good. Sad

Some films still do manage to nudge my interest just enough to get me out though, most recent ones being Batman Begins, Episode III and Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.
i'm too
i like to go to cinema
and watch about action movies
i love action movies
and sci-fi movies
it so good and not bored
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