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spanish section

Spanish Forum
 55%  [ 10 ]
 44%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 18

i don't know if there are enough members who talk in spanish as mother language, if someday you consider a spanish section is needed, it should be nice to get it and i would like to be moderator there to help all spanish talkers in all what i can.
I have experience with phpBB forum, i run other sites with phpBB forum, i know how to install it, add styles, add mods, change aspects like colors, cells, language, and also everything inside the admin control panel.

some examples of my work are: (click "foro" in the navbar, is in spanish Wink) (starting to build it, but the forum is complete, only need members Laughing)

Think on it and thanks in advance for your time
MULITRI, although we have had a few more spanish members this past 5 days (and i would like to know where FRIHost was publicized for you guys, if possible), i don't know if there are enough members to build it. i know some spaniards have difficulties with other languages and the forum would be much apretiated by them.

We at FRIHost are receptive to the suggestion, but need to be sure that there are enough members to have it opened.

Be Well Cool
Of course, i understand you need to check if is useful or not and if there is enough spaniards or south-american members, just wanted to suggest it for you can consider it in a near or far future.

About how we have discovered Frihost, i found it announced at, exactly in this thread:

I supose you have announced your hosting offer at many more sites, but i found it there, ..and i'm glad to find it Very Happy

Thanks for ur time.
Yeah, that would be definitely nice, SPANISH forums, well, I am from Mexico, and I've found quite cool that so many spanish speakers are taking place in here. I think we need to promote this site as well.

I'll do my best. I promise I will put an advertisement in some of my sites too Smile

Cheers! SALUD HERMANO!!! Cool
sure it would be great! i mean, i like writing in english for a change, but would be also great to be able to post in spanish. i have enoguh problems coordinating 3 languages when speaking to have them when writing to hehehehe

good one Tirtha, the most difficult in my opinion talking another language is you must to think in that language, i mean your brain must to be thinking in that language before write anything, at least is what happens to me Laughing

Thanks for the support gents Wink

P.S.: Por cierto, tengo que volver a Cullera un verano de estos Cool
P.S.: BTW... i have to go back to Cullera one of these summers Cool
I am from Argentina and I would like a subforum in Spanish, please, you can do it Very Happy
well half of the people dont even get what's they say in spanish.
well. can create one..I amnot saying you can't but Not gona use. am I? Naa
Ok i can think of the reason why you want the spanish subforums.
There are no spanish hosts as good as this one, and in order to post it would be a lot easier if that could be in your foreign language.
I guess it's up to the admin to decide.
I don't need a subforum in spanish, but others yes (just read some posts in support subforums), read exactly what was my proposal, just to help others who have difficulties when they need support.

About a good spanish host? yes, surely you're right, here hosters don't pay many attention to the internet except for the bussiness companies can get their own sales online.

I'm thankful to Frihost and many other free-hosting sites that allow simple users like me to get a simple site online.
I hope they can do it Rolling Eyes
I believe that already it is time to create a subforum in Spanish.

I am from Mexico and although I can communicate in English, i prefered use the mother language.

In addition, sure that this would help to the diffusion of Frihost between the spanish webmasters.

We would appreciate much that be listened to the suggestion exposed here.

Greetings! Very Happy
I think there should be a Spanish forum:

1: Its a European language, a rather popular European language (spoken in other places especially the US)
2: Spanish is a relativly easy language to learn, so many people speak it (for the support answering)
i'm portuguese!! Portuguese rula!!! Laughing
There are already sections for other lagnuages so i dont see why not?
yeah, but it seems that they require more votes Confused
Thats a good idea i think...

I think there are a lot of people who speak spanish...

I just wish to know who voted "No", because if you don´t speak spanish doesn´t mean that nobody need why vote no? If you don´t care, simply don´t vote.
still they're not sufficient votes Confused
well i voted it yes....cuz i might need some help in spanish....and also i think its a great idea to have a spanish subforums where latinos or spanish speaking people can get help...and i think it would be a big hit for frihost cuz u helping other people that don't know the english know ....i hope yall understood me...iight... Very Happy Very Happy Cool Cool
It will most likely be created in one of the next weeks together with a Portuguese forum. We are waiting for another admin to come back from holiday at the moment.
it's a very good notice for all, thanks Applause
yes is a good idea an a good notice Wink
Arrow ¡Buenas noticias! La sección en español ya ha sido creada.

Thank you very much, Frihost! Very Happy
We can lock this now it has been created.
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