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Half-year review of my site design

I got some good feedback from users the last time I asked for a review, so this time I hope it will help again.

I've improved the site with a different menu layout, navigation scheme, and numerous small changes for compatibility and better usability. I've also put Google ads on the site, which I would like feedback: if they are integrated well (as Google suggests) or if I should make them stand out more.

Thanks for your time.
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Your content boxes could be tightened up a bit (remove the padding between the title and content, replace it with a 1px border).

Other than that, its good.
I must commend you for the site design because its pretty good. But I would have to agree with Marston regarding tightening or removing the padding in between the content tables. It will look more one and sleek. Smile
i would suggest that you decrease the size of your text in the site. it will make your banner show. coz right now, your text is the obvious thing

but the content and everything else is good
I reduced the padding so the titles are tight with the content now, and I agree it does look better. I also messed around with the text sizing a little bit, and increased the line height a little.

Also I found this nifty CSS2 trick that only does "x" when two elements are next to each other.

h1 + h2 {margin-top: 10px; }
h1 + h3 {margin-top: 10px; }

So now when there's a header 1 next to a header 2 (or 3) they'll be separated, but otherwise h1, h2, and h3, have no margin-top.

Thanks for the suggestions.
The ads are in very good placement. If you want to make more money, remove the navigation at the top and just include those ads and people might think it's the navigation and they'll click them. You could always add those links to the other navigation.

That's just a plus though, I suggest you just have fun and leave it as is. But if you want money, do what I said.
really good site! the logo and the image looks a little bit pixle... Maybe it would help if you saved them with some higher resolution!

The forum wasn't that well adapted with the other pages on the site and the logo in the forum page had wrong background.

Other; very good!
I'm working on that pixelated top logo right now, and I'm planning on working on the forum in the future.

I finished work on the forum, so now it integrates into the sight... (or rather I integrated my site into the forum/shoved my site down it's throat)
I was learning...
Good for you!
I don't really understand... but thanks anyway. Rolling Eyes
roflcopter. i think its spam.
Pretty nice site. I like the content so far, you have some nice tips and insights.
A couple of things... First, I think you should add some padding to the left of all of the main text, as it is far too close to the edge of the boxes. Second, and this is only a personal opinion, is that you should possibly change that red backwards 'c' thing next to all of your headlines to a different color. The red just seems a little out of place since the rest of the site is blue/ grey. Maybe try a shade of orange... I dunno, like I said that's maybe just me.

Other than that I am glad to see that you have gotten around 1000 unique visitors to your site in the last month and would like to wish you luck Very Happy
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