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eBay India

I bought 3 mobile phones from ebay India this year; one for me, one for a friend and one for my wife. Neither of the three were delivered in the time that they promised.

One phone was not delivered at all. Now I have had to open an Item Not Sent Dispute and it is still going on. The money I paid is still stuck with ebay while we go through the procedures. I had to buy another phone with other funds. It is very difficult to be without a mobile phone these days.

And I am not new to ebay. I bought from people who had very high rating. But still this is what I got. I can say it is just an off chance but buying 3 phones and this happening to all 3 phones is not chance.

I think ebay needs to be more strict on it's sellers. They can take a fine from the sellers if they don't deliver on time.

What have been your experience with ebay?
Ebay is great, but it's not for everyone. There are certain things you should never, never, never buy on ebay, and one of them is cellphones. As a buyer, you need to learn how to protect yourself. It's been my experience that sellers get screwed by dishonest buyers than the other way around. Ebay's rules have many loopholes that buyers can exploit to get their merchandise, and a refund leaving sellers with nothing but trouble.
Yeah I guess it works both ways. I'm not saying it's just the buyers who need protection. I think ebay needs to tighten it's actions on both sellers and buyers who default. But it would be easier to take action on a seller as a seller needs to be registered with more proof...

Also, even of a buyer does not pay, the seller still has the item to resell it. But for the buyer, if the item is not delivered after the payment is made, then the money is stuck and it is difficult to buy the same product from somewhere else as the allocated funds are stuck with ebay or with the seller....

I did not know that it is inadvisable to but cellphones on ebay....will keep that in mind.

PS...Your signature really made me smile...I'm a big Seinfeld fan myself.
This is why I am not a big fan of buying from total strangers and only trust reputable Companies. Althrough this is unfair to the little guy, Its reality. Big companies can screw you too, But big companies didnt become big by doing so.

Next time, My advice is to buy from a retailer, You get to see the merchandise with your own eyes and you can get it right after paying it.
Yeah I think I have learned my lession on that. But online shopping also does have advantages. Especially in India where not every City or Town has good shops with the latest products.
My friend from Germany buy camera on eBuy, and he never got it. He write to eBuy and after long time they give back to him half price of camera. They told to him how this company not exist, and how they have big number of reclamations. Evil or Very Mad

That was veru unfair. Your friend should have given insisted on a full refund. Usually when you stand your ground for a while such big companies will give in. Because they would not want bad publicity.

For the phone I did not receive, I am still waiting for the refund but eBay has said the Demand Draft is on it's way. Hopefully it will come soon.
Well, I've bought two things off eBay, and both arrived quite quickly.

The first thing I bought was a second hand computer from an eBay store based in Victoria (Australia). This was amazing -- I paid on a Wednesday night (via bank transfer), and the computer arrived Friday morning! Very Happy And the price was amazing, AU$33! See this post on my blog.

The second thing I bought was a KVM switch. This took two weeks to come, but it was coming from overseas (Hong Kong), so that's probably why it took so long. Overall, I'm quite happy with my eBay experience Very Happy

<offtopic>jipmerite, my friend has an Acer Ferrari 4005WLMi laptop (on your wish list in your blog) Razz
Smile Yeah that is really a dream machine.

Not all my ebay India experiences have been bad though. I bought a Nikon Camera last year and that was delivered without any hassles. I just feel ebay should be stricter on sellers who back out of a deal after the sale is over. At least a small fine.
buying off ebay depends mainly on the seller. as ebay isnt directly connected with the sellers, it is better to check the seller's reputation, and user comments before you decide to buy something. personally ive brought about 5 items from ebay india and all have been shipped as promised. ive not faced any problems so far.

and i do agree that buying cellphones, and other electronics from ebay isnt a great choice. we end up paying more than the market price, and have to worry about the arrival of the item. so better dont get electronics from ebay
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