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20,434 FriHost Registered Users - Congratulations

Aloha FriHost Team,
Congratulations! You've successfully reached a new plateau - 20,434 registered users. It wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating the 10 thousand watermark.
So much water under the bridge and a heck of a lot of dedication and hard work to keep the server and service up and running 24/7 (a lot of sleepless night too).
Anyway, I just wanted to congratulation the Team and say on behalf of the all the users who sometimes take things for granted (myself included)...

"Thank you for all your hard work!"
That's a huge amount of people, I had no idea there were that many registered. Great job guys.

From these 20 500 users, I would say that only a fourth is currently active... But that's already a great mark. Congratulations, Frihost.
Ikthar wrote:
From these 20 500 users, I would say that only a fourth is currently active... But that's already a great mark. Congratulations, Frihost.

not even that many
I think such great community will reach 50000 registered users next year ... it will be somethind real to happen .

Most users ever online was 75 on Sun Jul 09, 2006 4:19 pm

yeah definaty less, only 75 compared to over 5 thousand not to be rude or anything like that.

congrats frihost you gone a long way i did not know that
i have only been here a day Very Happy
So basically, in a little bit over a year FriHost has 20000(ish) members... I'm feeling we need a viral marketing campaign to continue Bondings takeover of the world. Rolling Eyes

I don't know about FriHost but about 75% of the users on my forum are just spam users, never posting, and if they do it's to advertise a poker site or something.
That's one hell of a lot of sign-ups regardless of whether they are active or not. It just shows what the demand for free hosting is like - people must really want to make websites!
20467 users - 335028 posts, gives 16,37 post per user.
That doesn't sound much, but thats prolly because a number of inactive users.

Still, this month (7th), there where 75 users online at the same moment, not bad !

Hmm, how many users have actually an active hosting with frihost ?
This... seems like a strange number to make a "congratulations" thread for. Why not wait for a nice round one?

Anyways, congratulations. Shows what word of mouth can do for you. (I've never seen a Frihost advertisement)
i dont mean to annoy anyone but i think u can fit this in to:
I just hope they can keep doing what they doing Smile
you guys are doing a great job, keep it up!
Well there are about 448 people with at least 40 points, and while some may not be hosted, I would consider those the active ones. It's not as huge as the amount registered, but not bad.
If you wish to thank the FriHost Staff then please do so in the [official] Thank the Frihost Staff thread.

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