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dual power supply- any idea?

I just try to make dual power supply.
To install 6 HDD in the computer.
Why do you need a dual? What's wrong with a single power suply?
He would need a second powersupply if his computers setup is really drawing power. As far as I know you need to get a motherboard that supports that. Ill look into that when I get home tho,
jung I'm guessing you've probably figured out a setup so that the motherboard supports 6, or using add in pci cards to allow that many, but however I believe getting one higher end power supply (500watt not generic) and then getting molex splitters would work better than trying to setup a dual PSU system. (Unless, of course, if your system has an intel 820... overclocked to 4Ghz, two SLI cards, you might look into a dual PSU setup ) Rolling Eyes
I agree with donutey. Setting up 2 power suplyes would give you a good headache. Try a big power supply. Anyway, i'm just curious. Why would you need 6 HDD in one time?
that is a good question, I could have um... 8 in my comuter but that would be 4 sata and 4 ied and no drives...

Anyways if you wanted another power supply then just plug one in... you still will need the connecter places on your motherboard.
It is possible but you'll need a special cable attached at your ATX-connector so your 2nd supply starts automattically when your first (and so PC) starts. You can make it yourself but i saw it once in a shop. Try google for it.
I have dual power supplies in my PC. I'll tell you how to do it:

What you'll need:
*A full-tower or larger case. (Needs to have plenty of room for the second PS
*A spare AT power supply (MUST BE AT; NOT ATX!)
*A spare drive bay cover (for the switch)
*A normal 120v light switch (the kind you use to turn on your room's light.
*Epoxy resin or very strong glue
*A dremel tool or other metalworking tools
*A drill
*Duct tape

What to do:
1:Determine where the second PS will be by placing it there. The back of it should be against the back of the case, and there should be no vital parts in the way.
2:Mark where the second PS will be.
3:Mark inside the existing mark exactly where the fan, power plugs, screw holes, and anything else that sticks out from the new PS will be on the case. Be very precise.
4:Remove everything from the case (drives, MB, first PS, et cetera)
5:Using the dremel tool or other tools, cut out the hole for the fan and the hole(s) for the plug(s).
6:Using the drill and a drill bit wider than the threaded part of the screws, but narrower than the head of the screws, drill the screw holes in the locations you marked earlier.
7:Clean all metal shavings from the case. Be very thurogh; they could cause short circuits later, if you don't get rid of all of them.
8:Put the new PS into place and screw it in, to see if it fits (did you cut the holes correctly?) If not, modify the holes to make it fit: repeat from step 5.
9:Remove the new PS from the case. (you'll be working on the switch next)
10:Re-install everything you took out in step 4.
11:Gather up your electrical supplies, and get ready for an ordeal.
12:Wire the switch (There will be four wires from the PS that would connect to an ordinary AT powerswitch. There are two pairs. Only if both of these pairs are connected will the PS turn on. NEVER CONNECT THE WIRES TO A WIRE OF A DIFFERENT PAIR. Connect one of the pairs together permenantly. Connect the other pair to the lightswitch, so they will be connected when the switch is on.) Have an experienced electrician help you with this, if you are not one yourself.
13:If you are sure the switch is wired correctly, plug the PS into the wall socket, but not the rest of the computer. (If you are not sure, repeat step 12 with experienced help. Electrical fires are not cool.)
14:Cut a three holes (one rectangular and two drill holes) in the dirve bay cover for the switch. (use simular techniques to those you used to cut the holes for the PS)
15:Install the new PS in the computer. (If your screw holes don't line up right, make good use of the duct tape.)
16:Put your modified drive bay cover back where it came from.
17:Without unplugging the switch, attach it to the modified drive bay cover. (use either the screws or the glue to hold it there)
18:Plug the new PS into whatever drives or accesories you want to power, but not the Motherboard.
19:Instalation complete.

How to use it:
*Always turn on the second power supply first. Otherwise, the drives it powers will not be recognized by the BIOS.
*You can turn off the power supplies in any order you want.

Its a difficult proccess, and not for the weak of heart or the inexperienced, but I did it, in exactly the way I just told you; therefore, you can probably do it as well. (I am not responsible for damage to hardware or personal injury or death due to following or mis-following these instructions.)
psycosquirrel shows many methods...

Ocalhoun, that will only work with pre-ATX PSUs. I am guessing he has only 2 ATX PSUs... Use one of the methods on the page I linked to.
psycosquirrel wrote: shows many methods...

Ocalhoun, that will only work with pre-ATX PSUs. I am guessing he has only 2 ATX PSUs... Use one of the methods on the page I linked to.

i've been looking or this kind of tutorial.
i always want to use 2 psu for my computer.
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