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after install harddrive,all files access denied

I just take out HDD from win 2000 server and install IT IN win xp computer. After that i can't access the file. can't copy,open,del.
i tried to change permission. i couldn;t find
please help me
I think your "protected" the drive and all directories under it right? If that is the case, then you really wouldn't be able to access those files and directories since they can only be accessed by the very same user who protected them. The problem with Window's is that you can't change the UID (user id) of a user.

That is, even though the username is still the same, Windows doesn't see it as the same user since the UIDs aren't the same. The UIDs, I believe, are randomly generated.

To get around this problem, you should first connect the hard disk onto the original computer (Windows 2000) and then "unprotect" the protected files and folders. After that, put the hard disk back into the computer with Windows XP.

I hope that helps...
Use a bootable linux cd like knoppix to acces the drive. You'll only be able to read, not write or delete, but you could copy the files to a new location. Knoppix wouldn't care about window's file permissions, so unless the files are actualy encrypted, you'll be able to access them just fine. Oce you've rescued the files you need, you can format the 2K drive and place the files back on it. I'm not sure if the file permissions would still apply at that point or not.
Try this simple steps.

1. Open up my computer
2. Click Tools Menu -> Folder Options
3. In the Folder Options dialog box select View Tab
4. In the Advance Settings scroll box, scroll down to the buttom item then make sure that "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" is NOT CHECKED.
5. Click OK button to close Folder Options Window.
6. Right mouse Click on the Folder or Drive you want to access, then select properties.
7. From the Properties Dialog box, select Security Tab.
8. Click on Advance Button
9. In the Advance Security settings Dialog box click on Owner Tab.
10. In the Owner Tab, Select the user you want to use to access the drive or folder.
11. Make sure that "Replace owner on subfolders and objects" is CHECKED
12. click Apply button to apply the changes and after that click on OK button
13. Then OK button again to close the Properties dialog box.

After following the said text try to access the drive or folder.

If this steps had help you.... a few donation FH$ would be a great help.

Do those steps work in xp or 2000? I tried that and non of those options you say are there are actually there. I would like to make sure that i dont have any protected files as well as i have a habit of messing up my winxp install and frequently need to re-install.
Right click your drive and click security tab

---then goto advanced tab

--then select owner tab -- replace the owner and add the new owner(the new owner is your computer administrator account)..

Do the steps when you had placed the drive on the machine which have a windows XP OS. The steps I created is for windows XP OS.
the steps that bryanbel wrote is the same thing i was going to write. (he made it look a lot nicer though). i used that approch many of times when switching haeddrives frome differnt computers. allways works fo me
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