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Rollercoaster Tycoon players??

anyone here play rollercoaster tycoon a lot... im obbsessed with designing new rollercoasters.. only on rollercoaster tycoon 2
I have both RCT and RCT3, and I usually play RCT3. Both very fun games.
RCT 1 was the best. (And, yes I have tried the others.) It gives you more freedom, and is a bit easier. Besides, I enjoy old-school gaming at all times, and RCT 1 is getting a bit old.
RCT rocks!

Im addicted to RCT2.

"Washing machine Rollercoaster" 100 loops Very Happy

Maybe I could add another section on my website, so people can download our own custom rollercoaster tycoon stuff?
My bro built an 8+ minute ride in RCT3 and it is quite well made. I however stick to the original one. I only wish tunnels were possible in 3.
i one time build a loop coaster 3 loops hard to remeber how to make one tho Smile
I like playing Roller Coaster Tycoon alot but that new 3D one that they just released was the wrost one, they should have kept the other ones and have it 2d like they had it before it was much easier to navigate in 2d and they people didint look so messed up they should get better graphics for the new one or just keep it 2d.
i had the first one, still do, but can't play it. the cd drive on my computer is jammed or something and won't work. i like that one. i expesialy likd making those rides that went up like 60 tiles and lasted like 10 minutes. no one in the park would ride it, though Mad .

hopefully, i'll get a new cd drive soon, and get to play it and my other computer games.
I used to be compeltely addicted to rct2, but i gradually grew out of it. I tried RCT 3 and it just didn't do it for me.

The transport tycoon original, however, is something you can't get tired of.
Im addicted to RCT2 and 3.

2 because of the tunnel feature and 3 because of the ride veiws
I always played RCT and RCT2. Never got around to playing number 3. Wouldn't mind giving it a try though.
I have 1 and 3, yet I think I liked 2 the most. It was like the first one, but with more customization.

I don't know if it's this way on the later ones, but it always bugged me on the original when I'd make an awesome roller coaster and everybody would be too scared to go on it. It wasn't even a scary one, it was just long! But long means 'intense' on that game, and it scored like a 12 or 13 for intensity...
I played once time ago, i dont remember what version but i remember how fun it was... very good game for sure...
I love this game. I used to make videos for it on youtube. But, then i just stoped playing.
The problem I had with this game was that I could never commit to the difficulty. I always just wanted unlimited funds so that I could build amazing roller coasters, so that's what I did. I cheated to get everything I wanted, but of course that made the fun factor of the game not last so long...
I used to play Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2 a lot. I used to love the game Theme Park, so Rollercoaster Tycoon reminded me a lot of Theme Park, but was much nicer looking and almost better in every way. But with all computer games, I got bored of doing things the regular way, and would eventually use codes to get endless money just so I could build the most demented, freaky, and potentially lethal rolelrcoasters and see if people would ride them.
I used to play that game wayyy back... along with Theme park... I think i even still have the themepark CD... I may install that today
ya,i played all three. One hell of a game, i have to say. Although the one i got had a file corrupt. But the gameplay is awesome and you will never stop enjoying it at any moment. There are other tycoon games as well, like hospital and others. But RCT is the one i enjoyed the most.
I have all 3 and still play. It is to just fun to unwind and design. It's always nice to be able to enjoy an older game that never really loses it favor and appeal, a timeless classic. But I think that Theme Park will always be my favorite because to the lack of Physics involved. There was nothing like managing your park and then seeing a park customer fly by out of nowhere. You are like “WT* was that!” Classic!
Still play occasional. Currently messing around in 3. I was addicted to 1 when it first came out, and its expansions, completed every mission it had and was looking for more. 2 was ok, I liked the scenario editor to build my own landscapes just like in 3, but it didn't have a great number of scenarios. But now in 3 I'm mostly just playing around with custom parks just to get the hang of this whole 3D deal before taking on a scenario. Shocked I miss playing 1 though, might reinstall it again just for old times sake. Laughing
I love RCT1 only the expansions for it are cool also but i hate RCT2 and 3
I have every single RTC game that has ever came out......................and its expansions. I love this series of games. I have to use RTC1 and RTC2 though because RTC3 takes so much memory up. That's the major downfall of three dimensional games. All of that aside, this is a great series.
tchaunt wrote:
I have every single RTC game that has ever came out......................and its expansions. I love this series of games. I have to use RTC1 and RTC2 though because RTC3 takes so much memory up. That's the major downfall of three dimensional games. All of that aside, this is a great series.

RTC 1 is and will be the best of the series.. way??

the game was then complete new in the genre and with the freedom. When i now look back to the first one, you could build stuff, sell them ( food, drinks, caps), all the people where different ( 20+ different types)

for back in the days the game was a real hit, the sequels have never overruled the 1ste one if you ask mee
Transporation Tycooon is way more fun!!!
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