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I'm planing to buy new motherboard, any suggestions about chipset on boards? Heard nForce is pretty good. And what about \motherboard vendor?
NF5 is out, I would say that of NF4. Definently avoid a VIA chipset, try to stay with NVIDIA.
What so bad in VIA?
Via is a lower end chipset manufacturer, and they often don't have the features of higher end boards, such as 5.1 sound or AGP/PCI locks.
And they are unreliable, run hot, fail often, and are almost always associated with low-end, crappy boards from a brand that can't afford NF chips...
But i've heard that nForce 3 or 4 was a bit bad. Is it true? If yeas, which one?
BEsides "SiS" chipsets show pretty good results, even better than nForce
NForce4 is a great chipset, If you havent already done so I would probably go with a 939 socket type in my opinion its probably the fastest youll find becuase of its faster Bus speed capabilities.
I will echo: nForce is by far the best for AMD processors, I'll admit I'm not too hip on Intel compatible chipsets, but the nForce chipset has given me absolutely no problems. Via and Sis are indeed included with combo boards more than anything else but the best I can say is that they are reliable at best. To the naked eye you may not see much difference, but as goes with all computer components always keep your eye on the future. Don't limit your self with a board with technology on the way out. I am a die hard nVidia video card guy and logic tells me that there will not hardly any compatibility problems between nVidia video cards and nVidia chipsets, that is a plus too.
Uh, who told you SiS was better than nForce? They are blatantly wrong and should not be listened to again. I actaully cannot think of any circumstance where VIA or SiS is better than nForce, unless you are talking about mITX motherboards.

Trust us, do NOT get a SiS or VIA. nForce is far, far better.
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