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Viral Affiliate Networks Script

Dear members,

I am looking for a script that is capable of doing the
following task:

Admin area:

1) Built-in affiliate program with it's own affiliate id.
2) Able to setup unlimted other affiliate programs with
the respective affiliate link.
3) Admin and affiliate can insert their own ID into the link for each of the affiliate programs.

This is something like downline club, but with the ability
to have viral effect on unlimited current and new affiliate programs.

For example:

I am the admin, I have setup the script on my

Inside the admin area, I setup 2 affiliate programs named:

Program 1: Internet Marketing Center - Email Secrets
Affiliate link:{AFF_ID}

Program 2: Adsense Secret Audio
Affiliate link:{AFF_ID}

So after I setup this 2 programs, I can go to the option
"Edit Affiliate Link" to update my affiliate ID into those programs.

So let say my affiliate id for program 1 is 112 and
for program 2 is wealthy112, I will just update those codes into the field and click Update/Edit button.

So when I refer new affiliate, John, to my affiliate link, he will see my ids in those affiliate programs initially.

If John decided to join those affiliate programs, then he will join program 1 and program 2 under my ID. When John got his ID, he will update the IDs into the respective affiliate ID field using the option "Edit Affiliate Link".

So when John invited others using his link, and those people join program 1 and program 2, then John is building downlines or more affiliates just by inviting people to website.


Hope that I make this requirement clear. My English is not good, so if you do not understand, please ask more questions.

If you have such software/script, please post your reply here with your affiliate link to that software/script. I will take a look and if appropriate, I will purchased from your links.

Looking forward to seeing your replies.

Thank you.
Hi there,

I just discoved this software:

Does anyone know or use it before? Sad
calvinchin wrote:

I just discoved this software:

Does anyone know or use it before? Sad

The link is not opening. shall u please post the proper url for
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