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HP 1010 laserjet Refilling

Does any one know how to open the HP 1010 cartrige for refilling. Its a bit complex. If anyone know how to , A reply would be appreciated.
There are two different versions of the Q2612A toner cartridge. One has a fill cap in the same place as the C4092A, the other one has the fill cap blanked off with a permanent piece of plastic, you could cut the plastic out and block the hole somehow after filling, or fill through the slot where the magnetic roller fits. The real problem with this cartridge is that you have to split the cartridge in two to get at the fill cap or the mag sleeve opening. This is a very hard cartridge to refill unless you are quite innovative or buy the special pin removal tool that is used by professional remanufacturers. The tool is available from Static Control Corporation but you may have to order it from one of their resellers, it costs only a few dollars. You could make one by bending the point over on the pointed tool that is used to make holes in wood for starting a screw. You would then need to get refill instructions to work out how to remove the pins. I am happy to put the refill instructions together (Note that these will be instructions for a once only refill, not a full remanufacture because that will require the purchase of at least a new drum since the drums will only survive one refill) but it will be pointless without the tool. The only other option is "drill and fill", also a once only procedure, sealing the large hole you would need to make is going to be the problem.
I have no idea about refilling the hp catridge my friend do it well Laughing
Now a days i am not refilling my Toner catridges bcoz of my bitter experience.

I purchased a hp 5p b4 8 years. But i got some probelms in Teflon sheet which is inside the printer within 9 months. So i send the printer to service station in Chennai (IND). But they send it back without repairing with the reason


I spend few thousands to service my printer.

So u guys please don't refill the toner in warranty period. Or atlease Don't tell them you are using refilled catridge. Wink
Just got my cartrige refilled by some one and well that did not seems to be and easy task It was really a work of pros, I have had experience with other models but this one is really hard and need some bit of experience. Although piad a bit more then if i had done it myself. But still 6 times cheaper then if i had had to bought a new one.
Yes. I agree with you. It's 6 times cost wise less comparing buying new one. But HP 1010 cartrige refilling needs some technical knowledge. some laser printer cartrige have option to pour toner directly even without opening the toner cartrige (i.e. WEP).

try the following steps to Refill. i think it will help

1. remove 4 screws in toner cartrige

2. remove the caps on both sides

3. Now you can see two tiny rods on both sides. Just push inside using insturments one by one.

4. Now you will get two separate parts (i) Drum unit (ii) toner unit

5. Just reomove the cap in toner unit.

6. pour the toner powder insite (approx 300 grams)

7. close the cap and fix drum n toner units.

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