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What's Your site About

Well then. since we are all here for the same thing (hosting) i was wondering what you intend to do with your MB's Laughing

I am trying to build some intranets for my works, but since it takes me lot's of time to do it and VPN isn't installed yet, i am building them online, so i can work on it 24/7.
I also am building a site for MS certification students in Portuguese, since i am taking MSCA, MCSE and MCDBA courses/exams and information is dispersed on the internet. I am doing it so we can have all information and news available at the same point.

I will also be building my onw site, related to my hobbies, but i ain't gonna work on it at the moment, so I'm not going to tell much about it, except it will be IT related (i will show it when i start working on it)

Be Well Cool
my site will be the homepage of East Coast graphics, where you can request professional sigs or banners. soon we will expand into website templates
express my ideas!
and study some design
My site will be used for my class~
In my site, I will put the assignment notice and some notes and documents which are provided form teachers and also I will upload some tutorials to let my classmate to download~
web development, games, gathering discussion center
djs live set tracklistings
my site is for personal programming projects.
I have my site and a shared one

Mine is a harry Potter site with nearly everything. I like interactivity and have got quizzes, games, RPG's, all that sort of stuff, whilst combining the usuall stuff like infor,mation, reviews. Lots of network sites including the forum, awards, topsite etc (I say etc a lot!)

My shared one is Support HQ. It started out as an unofficial support board for invisionfree but turned into something for everything with support for numerous forums, html, php and a pile of generators for things such as codes. I'm not as active there any more as I've sort of spread out and started making my own php scripts for things. The only useful (and working) one of which is my shoutbox.
My site is about Heroes of Might and Magic, I like this game very much, I power this site by Mediawiki, a very powerful tools writen by php.
My site is just a personal web page to hold blogging and other stuff for friends and family for when I move from Australia to the US.

I am yet to actually post the site, because I am trying to get the (non-spam) posts up to request the space for the site. I have a while though because I'm not leaving for another couple of weeks and am then not sure how soon I'll have access to a computer to continue with the updating or posting.

That said, can anyone enlighten me as to how often we have to post to qualify as active members? And what's the deal with these FRIH$? Do they have the same (or similar; the same would be redundant) functionality as postings figures?


I suppose I shoudl check the FAQ before I make a fool of myself. huh? Very Happy
my site WILL be for webmasters (it isnt complete)
Sport of japan This "GO"
Just about everything.. anime, games, internet, computers..
I hope to have a large community.
mmm.. And I also will make some experiments with phpBB =)

The community will be in Hebrew, maybe later ill add English support...

Have a nice day.
My site and forum si about Tupac Shakur (2pac), only the forums hosted here the site isnt.
my site is a personal site, with some tutorials and scripts Wink
my web is about online game
it was set up not long before
and only have about 100 ip per day
I intend to fill up most of MB with the machinima I am making... *gooneveryoneclickonthelinkinmysigyouknowyouwanttodoitnoworiwillfeelsadandyoudontwantthat* AHEM.
I site domain is its for Jordanian Yougth and to discuss their problems if Any and to keep in touch with those whom out side of Jordan
my site is for my class
my classmates said that they want a own website
so i help them to build up
Never noticed this thread. Its there before i joined this forum. I must say irish_18 u got some forum searching and digging skills Very Happy

Well as for my site its a Teen Forum to be precise. A general forum where u are free to post any thing from Tom Cruse's latest hair style to Nasa's new Appolo Mission. One is free to post anything one wishes til its legal & does not flout the rules.

Teen Hungama :: The Best Place for Teens
my site about drugs and drug interaction
iam pharmacist
Age of Empires III Resource.

Quite obviously it's about the new AoE game coming ou Oct. 18th. As of now I don't really have much content since the game isn't out yet. Razz I'm going to have a bunch of custom maps and info on all of the games aspects once it's out.
my site is about rock but are in construction. Wink
well i was thinking to have a sprite comic and a donation site.You see I really need a new computer but i dont have enough money.I have been saving up for like half a year getting a job and all
I am using my space as a home for Aquastrike's Realm, a fan site devoted to anime, mostly Megaman and DBZ. I have a forum, and a R0X0R video of the month. Hooray, Godsmack!
my site is about online game
but I don't know to much of it nor play
for developing my instant messenger. its neeeearly ready for BETA testing, so hope some of you all will sign up to be testers. Ive actually just finished doing some calculations, bandwidth wise. Im going to be moving it to my own paid server once its public, so the cpu usage isnt too much on here with all the users. But bandwidth wise, with 10gb a month usage limit, after finishing my optimisation (which shall be completed this week) it shall be able to handle 11,684 users (based on them using it for an average of 4hours) a DAY. Thats how streamlined ive managed to get it so far. Just to re-assure the mods and bondings, im just using it on here for developement and testing so your servers are safe from lots of users. Im going to post in the advertise your website section once im ready for BETA testers, so keep an eye out!

Great, Slammer. I look forward to seeing this service in action.
-Aquastrike, master of AR
Master Lockwolf 4.0 is my blog and soon to have forums

Pixels Ahoy is my copy of the Million Dollar Homepage.
I recently moved my site from geocities to here.

My site actually is for cell phone stuff like softwares, ringtones and wallpapers. Cool

But since I'm too lazy I also added my personal stuff - stuff lke my poetry, ramblings, game walkthrus that I wrote and pictures. Someday I plan to branch out to two different websites. Boo hoo!
srijit -- Website about my hometown ( WIP ) -- Movie site ( WIP ) -- Wallpaper site 1 ( might shift soon ) -- Wallpaper site 2 ( not started yet )
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