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A problem with my graphics card

I have recently lost contact with my g-card. WHen I look for its icon in the bottom tray what happens is it states "can't find requested string" six or seven times. Does anyone have any idea's why? If you want more details feel free to ask.
Yeah, I would make sure the computer is clean, and that the fan on the graphics card (if it has one) hasn't stopped turning because of dust build up or age.

Remember the old nentendos? You used to have to blow on the cartrages and reinsert them to get them to work! Sometimes, not often, I've pulled plug and play devices, made sure the track was clean with a good blow (compressed air works better! don't spit!) and plugged them back in and they worked again. Not sure if this was dust related or bad connectivity caused by time that caused this, but computer parts need regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain proper function just like everything else.

If that doesn't work, and there doesn't appear to be any mechanical problems with the graphics card like a fan not running that would cause it to overheat and die then I would move on to resolving the issue with software. If the drive appears in the device manager then it most likely is a software issue.

Reinstall the graphics card drivers after you've uninstalled them. Then you can just reboot and the computer will ask you to reinstall something to work the drive. If you have the manufacturers disk, then that is great! Reinstall and check for updates. Otherwise, go to the website for the card and download the latest drivers for your model, and install.

Hope this helps!! BTW, make sure what model you have when you are cleaning the computer out to make sure there aren't any apparent mechanical issues with the fans or connections.
When you say you lost contact, do you mean the card doesn't work when you put it into the computer or the application that regulates you graphics card isn't responding? (I assume you mean the application isn't working) If you lost contact with your graphics card then it wouldn't display anything on the monitor.
If it is simply your graphics card regulation application then here are your choices:
>Most graphics cards are made by either ATI or nVidia and you don't really need the graphics card application that come with either company's graphics cards unless you're doing customized tweaking to the card. If it seems like you don't use the application that much, I would remove it from starting up each time you turn on your computer. Let me know if thats what you want to do and I'll guide you through it.
>The other option is that you uninstall the program (this might involve removing your graphics card drivers) and reinstalling it. This has a good chance of fixing the problem but won't always work if you have an incompatability with the program. But we'll get to that if you actually decided to keep the program and reinstalling it doesn't work.
Thanks for the help guys, reinstalled drivers and all that for hours, nothing was working then I blew some air on it, go figure -.-. Lawl anyway its working again. WEWT!
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